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RT : Without even knowing what is, you could be creating a presence…
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Let's you, among other things, save articles / links to read later.
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Exchange 2013 & Office 365 Hybrid Autodiscover issues
It's "on-premises".  "On-premise" means something entirely different.

In Exchange Online PowerShell, enter the commands:

Get-FederationInformation -DomainName
Get-OrganizationRelationship | FL
Make sure that:

TargetApplicationUri from the second command matches TargetApplicationUri from the first.
TargetAutodiscoverEpr points to on-premises Exchange and is of the form ªª ºº.
TargetOwaURL is valid.
FreeBusyAccessEnabled is set to True and FreeBusyAccessLevel is set to LimitedDetails.
Also make sure that in on-premises Exchange both the Autodiscover and Web Services virtual directories have WSSecurity enabled.  Even if it does, disable it, and then enable it on both.
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20 hours ago by jgear
Happy Git and GitHub for the useR
Using Git and GitHub with R, Rstudio, and R Markdown
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23 hours ago by hschilling
DNS – The key to a successful Office 365 migration – TechNet UK Blog
Hybrid Exchange

In order for a Hybrid Exchange deployment to be successful, you need to make sure autodiscover is working correctly On Premise and is pointed at your Hybrid server. This is because your Hybrid server is able to redirect autodiscover requests for cloud users to your Office 365 tenant, however Office 365 cannot perform autodiscover redirection to your Hybrid server.

As for MX records, these can be pointing to Office 365 or your On Premise Exchange environment, depending on your needs. As long as the Hybrid Configuration Wizard worked correctly, mail flow should be seamless between the two systems.
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SVG Animation Creator - Animate and Export SVG
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