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[GUIDE] How to Unroot your OnePlus 3 / 3T and go back completely to stock - OnePlus Forums
Here is version 4.1.1 of this guide!


These instructions will work with the following versions of OxygenOS:

3.1.2 - 5.0.1...
6 days ago by carrionlee
Best-Selling Stylish Smartphone Cases
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24 days ago by xcession
No, OnePlus is still not sending your clipboard data to China • Android Police
Ryan Whitwam:
<p>The apparent misunderstanding comes down to a file in the OxygenOS beta called badwords.txt. You can get a rundown of what it contains in <a href="">this tweet</a>. In the <a href="">resulting Reddit thread</a>, most everyone was happy to hop on the bandwagon and blame OnePlus.

This time, the company is wasting no time issuing a clear explanation of the situation. Here's the official statement.
<p>There’s been a false claim that the Clipboard app has been sending user data to a server. The code is entirely inactive in the open beta for OxygenOS , our global operating system. No user data is being sent to any server without consent in OxygenOS.

In the open beta for HydrogenOS, our operating system for the China market, the identified folder exists in order to filter out what data to not upload. Local data in this folder is skipped over and not sent to any server.</p>

The allegation is that OP uses this file to identify data to upload to a Chinese server. According to OnePlus, badwords.txt is actually a blacklist file—it tells the OS not to monitor matching data for its smart clipboard service. You're probably not familiar with that feature because it's only used in China as part of HydrogenOS. It was originally developed as a way to get around blocking of competitor links in Chinese messaging services like WeChat, and there's no reason to do that in the US. So, the code is inactive in OxygenOS.

So, it sounds like OnePlus' only mistake here was including files from HydrogenOS in the OxygenOS beta. The code is inactive, but it's bound to confuse people. Everyone is watching OP closely right now and ready to believe the worst, but the company didn't do anything shady with your clipboard data. It's also important to remember this is beta software.</p>
oneplus  data  clipboard 
6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Google Camera Port with HDR , 60fps video and slow motion
Modified Google Camera app by BSG, Arnova8G2, ivanich, and others. GCam Mod.
android  oneplus  google-camera  camera  Google  mia1  mod  gmod 
6 weeks ago by tranqy
OnePlus hack exposed credit cards of up to 40,000 people • CNET
David Katzmaier:
<p>If you bought a OnePlus phone such as the OnePlus 5T between November and January, you'd best check your credit card statement.

The phone maker on Friday confirmed in a statement that its website,, was hacked, potentially exposing the detailed credit card information of up to 40,000 customers. 

The company sent an email to customers saying that card numbers, expiration dates and security codes "may have been compromised."

A malicious script on the company's pages was inserted, harvesting the information from web browsers. The company says it has been removed, but customers who entered information into the site between mid-November 2017 and Jan. 11, 2018 could be at risk.</p>

"A malicious script was inserted"? So that's quite a hack - first into the company web server, and then capturing all those details. This needs quite a lot of explaining by OnePlus.
oneplus  hacking 
7 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus breaks billion-dollar sales barrier • The Telegraph
James Titcomb:
<p>Oneplus, the cult Chinese smartphone maker, has broken the billion-dollar sales barrier for the first time and made a profit, a rare feat in the ultra-competitive mobile market.

The company’s chief executive Pete Lau told The Telegraph that its revenues last year had doubled to more than $1.4bn (£1bn) and that this had come with “healthy profits”. It comes as OnePlus plans to challenge bigger players by tying up with mobile networks in the US and Europe.

The smartphone market has been flooded by competition from Chinese upstarts in recent years, making profits rare and sending established brands like HTC and Motorola into losses. While OnePlus pales to most of its rivals in size, Mr Lau said it has eked out healthy margins by focusing only on the high-end of the market. It sells most of its mobiles directly to a core of fans online, instead of through mobile networks, although it began to distribute phones through O2 in the UK in 2016.</p>

Some confusion between the headline, intro and second para. I think it's that they've passed a billion dollars. That's an average of $250m per quarter; at $250 per handset that would be a million per quarter, or 4m per year. At $125 per handset, it's 8m per year. Those seem like the likely boundaries of its sales.

So that's the good news. Now we go to the bad news…
oneplus  revenue 
8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Some people have had their credit card numbers stolen after buying OnePlus phones online • BGR
Chris SMith:
<p>If you purchased a OnePlus phone and paid with a credit card, you should check your account for fraudulent charges immediately. Apparently, it already happened to some OnePlus customers, who were notified about fraudulent transactions on credit cards that were used to buy OnePlus phones.

According to a poll on the company’s own forum, 69 people so far have noticed fraudulent charges after a OnePlus transaction.

OnePlus has yet to confirm a data breach that would have allowed hackers to steal user data such as credit card information. And it’s always possible that the users who were notified of fraudulent charges by their banks were hacked in some other way, and it’s all a big coincidence. But the poll, <a href="">available at this link</a>, seems to suggest there may be an issue with OnePlus, as some of the impacted customers used their cards online for little else other than to buy a OnePlus phone online…

…The company says it started investigating the issue but found no cause so far. OnePlus says that card info is “never processed or saved on our website.” Instead, the data is sent “directly to our PCI-DSS-compliant payment processing partner over an encrypted connection, and processed on their secure servers.”</p>
oneplus  hacking 
8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
OnePlus 5: Unlock Bootloader | Flash TWRP | … | OnePlus 5
"][url] %22][url] %22][url] Before you start, OTA up to the latest System Update available. Settings > System Updates > Download & Install the latest avai…
11 weeks ago by carrionlee

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