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Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International
Privacy International(PI) has been investigating the proliferation of data tracking, brokerage and exchange between many tech companies, both as their primary business as well as value added services. 

PI's analysis consisted of capturing and decrypting data in transit between our own device and Facebooks servers (so called "man-in-the-middle"), we did this using the free and open source 'mitmproxy', an interactive HTTPS proxy. Having captured communications we then analysed the con...
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10 weeks ago by trevormeier
Arizona woman accused of sending man 65,000 texts after 1 date actually sent twice as many |
A Phoenix woman accused of stalking a man met on a dating site and sending him more than 65,000 text messages apparently sent more than twice that many.
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10 weeks ago by trevormeier
Staying on Top of Changes in GraphQL | GitHub Developer Guide
"Staying on Top of Changes in GraphQL
May 3, 2018 xuorig
To provide a more seamless experience we prefer to continuously evolve our schemas rather than using API versioning. Continuous evolution allows us to iterate faster and provide our integrators with new schema members more often. We do our best to avoid breaking changes, but sometimes it's necessary to offer an unversioned API.

We strive to provide the most stable APIs to our integrators and to provide transparency about new developments. This is why we recently shipped the brand new Breaking Changes page, which announces future breaking changes to our GraphQL schema.

Internally, our engineers mark certain schema members as deprecated using a Ruby API on top of the graphql-ruby gem. Using the changes metadata provided by our engineers, we automatically compute removal dates and generate this breaking changes page, meaning you'll always get up to date information."
github  graphql  versioning  schemas  apis  omgwtf 
october 2018 by earth2marsh
Breaking Changes | GitHub Developer Guide
"Breaking changes are any changes that might require action from our integrators. We divide these changes into two categories:

Breaking: Changes that will break existing queries to the GraphQL API. For example, removing a field would be a breaking change.
Dangerous: Changes that won't break existing queries but could affect the runtime behavior of clients. Adding an enum value is an example of a dangerous change.
We strive to provide stable APIs for our integrators. When a new feature is still evolving, we release it behind a schema preview.

We'll announce upcoming breaking changes at least three months before making changes to the GraphQL schema, to give integrators time to make the necessary adjustments. Changes go into effect on the first day of a quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, or October 1st). For example, if we announce a change on January 15th, it will be made on July 1st."
github  changes  apis  breaking  versioning  graphql  omgwtf 
october 2018 by earth2marsh
The Trump Prophecy: the Liberty University-affiliated film that promotes Christian nationalism - Vox
The Trump Prophecy doesn’t just want you to believe that God approves of Donald Trump. It wants you to believe that submission to (conservative) political authority and submission to God are one and the same. In the film’s theology, resisting the authority of a sitting president — or, at least, this sitting president — is conflated with resisting God himself.
politics  religion  omgwtf 
october 2018 by HopelessSavage

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