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RT : Team Korea talking to lots of press after their Olympic medal
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4 hours ago by dalcrose
Why Norway Is So Good at the 2018 Winter Olympics | Time
"But a distinctly Norweigan rule for their youth sports may strike a particular chord with many Americans. (This one included: I’m a youth sports parent, and wrote a TIME cover story on the booming kid sports industry last summer).

Ovrebo says that in Norway, organized youth sports teams cannot keep score until they are 13. “We want to leave the kids alone,” says Ovrebo. “We want them to play. We want them to develop, and be focused on social skills. They learn a lot from sports. They learn a lot from playing. They learn a lot from not being anxious. They learn a lot from not being counted. They learn a lot from not being judged. And they feel better. And they tend to stay on for longer.”"
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RT : This moment. Unforgettable. This is for you!
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yesterday by dalcrose
RT : #カーリング 女子日本代表対韓国代表は、延長戦の末7-8という結果で惜敗。
#そだねー #もぐもぐタイム
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yesterday by hiro
Yeah, just hanging out with Russian Silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva.
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yesterday by yuanwang
Musical.ly generates 10M engagements in first weekend of Olympics partnership | Mobile Marketer
Musical.ly, the lip-synching video app with 60 million users, generated more than 10 million engagements during the first weekend of the Winter Olympics with broadcasts from social influencers Nia Sioux (@niasioux) and Ross Smith (@rosssmith) and the NBC Olympics channel (@nbcolympics), according to a news release. Muscial.ly partnered with NBC Sports Group to provide new ways for fans to experience the games, which opened last week in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
NBC Olympics is feeding content daily to Musical.ly users, such as event highlights, behind-the-scenes footage and GIFs. Musical.ly is also urging users to engage in the Olympics experience using two in-app hashtag challenges created with NBC and U.S. athletes such as skier Mikaela Shiffrin, figure skater Nathan Chen and snowboarder Chloe Kim.
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yesterday by dancall
RT : Canadian Hockey loss to Team USA causes Canada’s worst riot ever.
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yesterday by Xylakant
Catty Olympics Fans Rejoice
"The figure skating showdown between Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova is upon us."
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yesterday by jimmykduong
Yuzuru Hanyu Writes Another Chapter in Figure Skating Legend
"Hanyu, of Japan, was good enough in the free skate to repeat as Olympic champion. The American Nathan Chen made up for a disastrous short program to finish fifth."

Afterward, Hanyu said playfully, “I’d like to thank my ankle, you did a good job.”

Wearing a white tunic on Saturday, Hanyu performed as a character out of Japanese folklore: Abe no Seimei, a spiritual adviser and astrologer from the 11th century with Merlin-like mystical powers.
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
Has Evgenia Medvedeva Missed Her Moment, Even Before It Arrives?
"Last fall, Medvedeva, 18, was a consensus pick to win the women’s figure skating competition at the Winter Games. Now she trails a younger Russian teammate."
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva is as talented as she is terrifying
"There aren’t many constants in figure skating. But Medvedeva’s apparent obsession with death is one of them."
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2 days ago by jimmykduong

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