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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010) by sardonicsmiley
Summary: John is the top male figure skater in the world, Rodney is the captain of Canada's hockey team. They run into each other at the winter Olympics.
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15 hours ago by miss_speller
RT : Powerful op-ed critiquing bid: "Calgary was promised extensive citizen engagement a few mont…
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yesterday by dgmcgillivray
Rat poison and brandy: The 1904 St. Louis Olympic marathon - SBNation.com
The 1904 Olympic marathon was a story of fraud, thievery, raw eggs, rat poison, food poisoning, liquor, feral dogs, and at least three separate incidents of near-death. it was the stupidest sporting event of all time. welcome to Pretty Good, a show about stories that are pretty good.

View the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4AhABManTw&feature=youtu.be
olympics  stlouis  marathon  running  history  missouri 
12 days ago by mobikefed
RT : has become the latest battleground for an plebiscite. As official public engagement begins next…
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18 days ago by dgmcgillivray
I Would Risk Everything - nagi_schwarz - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Four years after their first meeting, Rodney and John are competing at their second Olympics, and gold goes out the window when personal affairs rattle their careers. Luckily, they know a lot of hockey players, and they have good friends.
olympics  p:rodney/john  f:sga  au  homophobia  friendship 
24 days ago by miss_speller
Now The People Will Know We Were Here (or: Everything I Know, I Learned From Heritage Minutes) - Chandri - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"Figure skaters?" Rodney eyes John critically. "Figure skaters. And weren't they the ones with the floppy purple shirts?"/"Hey, I had a crush on Jayne Torvill," John says, defensively, and is glad he's wearing the hat, because his ears are suddenly burning. Yeah. Jayne Torvill. That was it.
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24 days ago by miss_speller

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