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Ranking Every Kind of Cooking Oil by How (Un)healthy They Are
Most of us regard cooking oil as nothing more than a means to a non-sticking end. But (and this is a big, prepare-to-gag kind of but) the average American consumes a whopping 36 pounds of cooking oils per year — more than three times as much as in the early 1970s.
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3 days ago by kogakure
Shell and Exxon's secret 1980s climate change warnings | Benjamin Franta | Environment | The Guardian
In the 1980s, oil companies like Exxon and Shell carried out internal assessments of the carbon dioxide released by fossil fuels, and forecast the planetary consequences of these emissions. In 1982, for example, Exxon predicted that by about 2060, CO2 levels would reach around 560 parts per million – double the preindustrial level – and that this would push the planet’s average temperatures up by about 2°C over then-current levels (and even more compared to pre-industrial levels).
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3 days ago by craniac
Securing America's Future | The Military Cost of Defending Global Oil Supplies - Securing America's Future
At minimum, approximately $81 billion per year is spent by the U.S. military protecting global oil supplies. This is approximately 16 percent of recent DoD base budgets. Spread out over the 19.8 million barrels of oil consumed daily in the U.S. in 2017, the implicit subsidy for all petroleum consumers is approximately $11.25 per barrel of crude oil, or $0.28 per gallon. A more extensive estimate by two highly-regarded economists suggests the costs could be greater than $30 per barrel, or over $0.70 per gallon.
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4 days ago by sampenrose
Suzuki DR650 Lubrication Page
this website (which is independently an impressive Web1 knowledge source for DR650s) has absurdly detailed lubricant information for the bike, generally useful for understanding oil classification
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5 days ago by aaronbeekay
home - Well Data Labs
Supporting frac heroes who get the job done
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7 days ago by shalmaneser

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