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RHODIA - Le bloc depuis 1934
Rhodia steht für bestes Papier und dies seit Jahrzehnten. Gegründet von den Brüdern Vèrilhac im Jahre 1932, entwickelten sie den Rhodia-Block im Jahr 1934. Er überzeugt vor allem Füllhalterbenutzer, da diese Papiere immer tintensicher sind. Seid den Neunziger Jahren, als Rhodia von Clairefontaine gekauft wurde, wurde das schwarz-orange Notizbuch zum Inbegriff des französischen Notizbuches. Nicht zuletzt durch die Einführung des Punktrasters im "dot pad" überzeugte es weltweit.
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12 hours ago by schleemilch
New Research Shows Why Focus On Teams, Not Just Leaders, Is Key To Business Performance
Deloitte just launched a study of people challenges in business, Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016, and the results were striking.
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22 hours ago by fwhamm
To Avoid Distractions, Stop Using Time Management - Toggl Blog
I had high hopes for this article when I first started writing 8 hours ago. I knew I would need to do a lot of research, a task that appeals to my desire to learn new things. I found the topic exciting and knew that any of my findings could be applied to my own work.
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yesterday by fwhamm
How We Successfully Adopted the 4-Day Work Week at MailPoet - MailPoet
We implemented the 4-day work week at MailPoet in 2016. Three years on, we’re still working happily with this rhythm and our business is growing. While Tim Ferris’ 4-hour work week proved to be something of an illusion, 32 hours seemed more like a reasonable goal.
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yesterday by fwhamm
Microsoft discounts consumer Office 365 by 30% under 'Home Use Program' | Computerworld
HUP has long offered employees of eligible organizations discounts on perpetual Office licenses, those purchased with one-time payments that grant the user rights to run the software as long as desired, even theoretically in perpetuity. The offer of Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal, however, is new.
Microsoft  office 
yesterday by jasonsamuels
Why A Flexible Office Space is Advantageous
For any business to become successful, they need to mirror the modern times in which we live. What this means is that the office space should incorporate flexibility into it.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Home - Bodybilt
Highly customizable/orderable office chairs, the linear tracking arms that replace the arm rests are also pretty cool.
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2 days ago by asteroza
Using Office Design To Maximize Efficiency
Here are some office design tips you can use to boost efficiency in your office.
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web

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