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MEP receives NEH grant to make archival civil rights footage accessible – The Media Ecology Project at Dartmouth College
Dartmouth College’s Media Ecology Project (MEP) has received Research and Development funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation and Access office to build an accessible collection of newsfilm covering the civil rights movements of the 1950s-1980s. This research will be led by Prof. Mark Williams (Dartmouth Film & Media Studies), an expert in film and media studies, and Dr. John P. Bell (Dartmouth Research Information, Technology and Consulting), an expert on digital curation. Prof. Williams is the director of and Dr. Bell is the associate director for the Media Ecology Project at Dartmouth.

Newsfilm–often shot on site by local television news crews that only broadcast a fraction of what they recorded–is a largely untapped source that captured powerful moments throughout the emotionally-charged American civil rights era. The Accessible Civil Rights Heritage (ACRH) project will develop a test corpus of culturally significant American civil rights newsfilm compiled from moving image archives and regional historical societies across the U.S. ACRH will then explore new cataloging and access procedures that deliver high-quality, meaningful experiences to blind and visually impaired (BVI) users. Participating scholars include Jacqueline Stewart (U Chicago), Matthew Delmont (Dartmouth), and Desirée Garcia (Dartmouth). In addition, MEP will continue previous work with the Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction Lab (VEMI Lab) at the University of Maine to assess adaptive technology.

Accessible delivery of online video is a challenge that higher education has struggled to meet, leading to thousands of hours of video instruction being taken offline because the schools that created it could not provide equal access to all users. BVI students in particular may have trouble fully understanding primary video sources because the text or audio descriptions associated with them rarely convey the full meaning and context of the images on screen. ACRH will study how to write video annotations that better describe the contents of evocative videos and create adaptive technology that supports playing back those annotations audibly. The resulting guidelines and technology will be published as an open resource that all schools, museums, and archives can use to make their own video collections more accessible to BVI users. ACRH is a follow up to an NEH-funded 2015 collaboration between MEP and VEMI Lab that resulted in the Semantic Annotation Tool (SAT), a plugin that web sites can use to annotate video that is compatible with screen reading software.
Dartmouth  College’s  Media  Ecology  Project  (MEP)  has  received  Research  and  Development  funding  from  the  National  Endowment  for  Humanities  Preservation  Access  office  to  build  an  accessible  collection  of  newsfilm  covering  civil  rights  movements  1950s-1980s.  This  will  be  led  by  Prof.  Mark  Williams  (Dartmouth  Film  &  Studies)  expert  in  studies  Dr.  John  P.  Bell  Information  Technology  Consulting)  on  digital  curation.  is  director  associate  at  Dartmouth.  Newsfilm–often  shot  site  local  television  news  crews  that  only  broadcast  a  fraction  what  they  recorded–is  largely  untapped  source  captured  powerful  moments  throughout  emotionally-charged  American  era.  Heritage  (ACRH)  develop  test  corpus  culturally  significant  compiled  moving  image  archives  regional  historical  societies  across  U.S.  ACRH  then  explore  new  cataloging  procedures  deliver  high-quality  meaningful  experiences  blind  visually  impaired  (BVI)  users.  Participating  scholars  include  Jacqueline  Stewart  (U  Chicago)  Matthew  Delmont  (Dartmouth)  Desir 
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Bored of the Rings - Wikipedia
Parody novel series of Lord of the rings.
Bored  of  the  Rings  lord  Parody  Novel 
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