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I should have been gentler with Christine, I thought, and should have also remembered that objective facts are no match for the aggressively conciliatory nature of Northern California culture. There’s an idea in this part of America that if you do not entertain any and all opinions that cross your path, in a blissful state of total cultural, moral, and metaphysical relativism, you have sacrificed your will to “The Man.”
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Too big to ignore
monopoly capitalism... more coinage capitalism
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Where Not to Travel in 2019, or Ever | The Walrus
"When adventurers crave “untouched” places and “authentic” peoples, it’s the locals who ultimately pay"

"For what is still missing from this scenario is consent. In its place is a sense of entitlement as extreme as it is commonplace."

"We want what we want when we go abroad, which often is the untouched, the authentic—even as our arrival, by definition, undermines those very qualities in a place or of a culture and contributes to the slow, involuntary conversion of one way of life into another."

Respectful pilgrimages rarely make the history books or headlines, which is all the more reason to pay them attention. Consider the 1971 “antiexpedition” of Norwegian eco-philosopher Arne Næss and his friends to Tseringma, also known as Gaurishankar, in Nepal, a then unsummitted 7,181-metre peak sacred to those living in its shadow. In a pointed critique of mountaineering’s culture of conquering, Næss’s team travelled light, consulted with a local lama as to how high on Tseringma they could respectfully go, and invited villagers along not as porters but as colleagues. A few years later, other foreigners would claim the first ascent of Tseringma, but forget them. Remember Næss and team, who climbed to a certain height, took a look at the summit from a distance, and turned back."
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