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GitHub - Bashfuscator/Bashfuscator: A fully configurable and extendable Bash obfuscation framework. This tool is intended to help both red team and blue team.
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Introducing Bashfuscator : A fully configurable and extendable Bash obfuscation framework : https://t.co/vOjDFzSQmF cc @capnspacehook

— Binni Shah (@binitamshah) January 14, 2019
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9 weeks ago by whip_lash
A fully configurable and extendable Bash obfuscation framework. 
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9 weeks ago by aiefel
.NET Obfuscator Features - PreEmptive Solutions
.NET Obfuscation transforms: Why use them and how they protect your apps.
11 weeks ago by ken30096
Dotfuscator - .NET Obfuscator & App Hardening - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio - Enhance Secure Development with Application Hardening & Obfuscation. Improve compliance and hinder attacks against your .NET, Xamarin, UWP, .NET Core and Unity Apps. Used by over 5000 corporate clients in over 100 countries in virtually every industry.
12 weeks ago by ken30096

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