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What Started the California Fires? Experts Track the Blazes’ Origins - The New York Times
In searching for the cause of the wildfire, investigators will look at things that were touched by the flames but not destroyed.
california  wildfires  nytimes 
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‘I Don’t Really Want to Work for Facebook.’ So Say Some Computer Science Students. - The New York Times
“Employees are wising up to the fact that you can have a mission statement on your website, but when you’re looking at how the company creates new products or makes decisions, the correlation between the two is not so tightly aligned,” said David Chie, the head of Palo Alto Staffing, a tech job placement service in Silicon Valley. “Everyone’s having this conversation.”
career  nytimes 
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Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis - The New York Times
Sheryl Sandberg was seething.
Inside Facebook’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters, top executives gathered in the glass-walled conference room of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It was September 2017, more than a year after Facebook engineers discovered suspicious Russia-linked activity on its site, an early warning of the Kremlin campaign to disrupt the 2016 American election. Congressional and federal investigators were closing in on evidence that would implicate the company.
But it wasn’t the looming disaster at Facebook that angered Ms. Sandberg. It was the social network’s security chief, Alex Stamos, who had informed company board members the day before that Facebook had yet to contain the Russian infestation. Mr. Stamos’s briefing had prompted a humiliating boardroom interrogation of Ms. Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, and her billionaire boss. She appeared to regard the admission as a betrayal.
“You threw us under the bus!” she yelled at Mr. Stamos, according to people who were present.
conspiracy_theory  facebook  propaganda  racism  social_media  russia  nytimes 
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Facebook drops PR firm after revelation of anti-Soros campaign | Ars Technica
A New York Times expose reveals how Facebook sought to discredit critics.
Facebook has cut ties with a conservative public relations group called Definers hours after a Wednesday New York Times story revealed that the group had circulated a document linking some of Facebook's left-wing critics to liberal billionaire George Soros.
According to the Times, Facebook initially hired Definers to help the tech company monitor media coverage of Facebook. But in October 2017, Definers started to play an active role in defending Facebook.
"A conservative website called NTK Network began publishing stories defending Facebook and criticizing Facebook rivals like Google," the Times reports. "NTK is an affiliate of Definers."
conspiracy_theory  facebook  propaganda  racism  social_media  nytimes  russia 
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The End of Endings - The New York Times
“Today the tradition of the novel has been supplanted by that of the comic book: Stories extend indefinitely, their plot holes patched through superpower, magic and dreams. Or maybe every story is a soap opera now: Nobody dead is dead forever, not Dan Conner of ‘Roseanne’ and definitely not all of the superhero genocide victims of ‘Infinity War.’ Of course, to Hollywood’s bean counters, sequels are mere brand extensions of intellectual property. But something bigger is happening, too: The logic of the internet is colonizing everything.”
amandahess  books  comicbooks  movies  nytimes  2018 
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Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis
Facebook has gone on the attack as one scandal after another — Russian meddling, data sharing, hate speech — has led to a congressional and consumer backlash.
facebook  nytimes 
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A Swiss Town Designed for the Glory of Time
LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland — Anyone wondering why La Chaux-de-Fonds is an Unesco World Heritage site, why Karl Marx described this Swiss town near the French border in “Das Kapital” or why it is credited with establishing Switzerland as a center of watchmaking has only to go to the outdoor terrace of the Espacité office tower in the city center and look down.
nytimes  Switzerland 
3 days ago by robward
Remembering Stan Lee | NYT News - YouTube
Stan Lee, one of the most influential writers and publishers in the comic book industry, sat down with The New York Times in 2015 to talk about his life and career.
comics  Storytelling  nytimes 
3 days ago by jorgebarba
NY Times Using Google AI to Digitize 5M+ Photos and Find 'Untold Stories'
The New York Times has teamed up with Google Cloud for digitizing five to seven million old photos in its archive. Google’s AI will also be tasked with unearthing “untold stories” in the massive trove of historical images.
“For over 100 years, The Times has archived approximately five to seven million of its old photos in hundreds of file cabinets three stories below street level near their Times Square offices in a location called the ‘morgue’,” Google writes. “Many of the photos have been stored in folders and not seen in years. Although a card catalog provides an overview of the archive’s contents, there are many details in the photos that are not captured in an indexed form.”
google  photography  nytimes  AI/ML  digital  scanning 
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