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The Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning? | NVIDIA Blog
until recently neural networks were all but shunned by the AI research community. They had been around since the earliest days of AI, and had produced very little in the way of “intelligence.” The problem was even the most basic neural networks were very computationally intensive, it just wasn’t a practical approach. Still, a small heretical research group led by Geoffrey Hinton at the University of Toronto kept at it, finally parallelizing the algorithms for supercomputers to run and proving the concept, but it wasn’t until GPUs were deployed in the effort that the promise was realized.
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11 days ago by bwiese
Useful nvidia-smi Queries | NVIDIA
nvidia-smi --query-gpu=timestamp,name,pci.bus_id,driver_version,pstate,pcie.link.gen.max,
memory.total,memory.free,memory.used --format=csv -l 5
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13 days ago by pferdefleisch
Problema con gpu nvidia 940mx y graficos integrados de intel - Linux Mint Forums
Si al reiniciar por segunda vez obtienes pantalla negra o no es capaz de iniciar, tendrás que iniciar con el modificador de la carga del kernel nomodeset según lo indicado aquí.
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24 days ago by amicalmant

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