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Setting Up Bumblebee on Gentoo Linux | DOTSLASHLINUX
DOTSLASHLINUX is a GNU/Linux enthusiasts' hub, featuring configuration guides for the linux kernel and several lightweight open source and free software.
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8 days ago by grinful
Nvidia outlines inference platform, lands Japan's industrial giants as AI, robotics customers | ZDNet
Nvidia's inference platform--dubbed Nvidia TensorRT Hyperscale Inference Platform--is designed to offer more performance with lower latency within hyperscale data centers. These data centers are typically offering natural language interaction, answers to search queries and artificial intelligence tools.
nvidia  chip  machine-learning  ai  nlp  natural-language-interaction 
10 days ago by lavallee
Release Notes :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation
cuda doc with compatibility matrix, ignore at your own risk
nvidia  cuda  install 
10 days ago by whlteXbread
PPA installed driver 396.24 is causing CUDA 9.2 installation error - NVIDIA Developer Forums
for the next time you're 5 hours in on installing cuda drivers

get the 396 drivers using the software update manager thingy, then just `dpkg -i` the cuda drivers, `apt-get update`, then do the second thing.

then tell the software update thingy to use the non-proprietary 396 drivers again.

seems to work, will update if it doesn't after all this compilation finishes. always make -j8 friends
nvidia  cuda  install  ubuntu  linux 
10 days ago by whlteXbread

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