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A Horrifying and Believable Path to Nuclear War with North Korea - War on the Rocks
the choices that Lewis has them make are not implausible. Indeed, most of them conform to standard theories of effective coercion
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Du nucléaire pour Kadhafi: le réquisitoire de l’ex-patronne d’Areva contre Sarkozy - Page 1 | Mediapart
« Nous avons eu une grande réticence à vendre des réacteurs à la Libye du colonel Kadhafi, explique-t-elle au juge. Certes, on sait aujourd’hui exporter des réacteurs nucléaires qui ne sont pas proliférants. Néanmoins, pour développer une activité nucléaire civile, il faut une autorité de sûreté forte, compétente, autonome, qui puisse en cas de risque ou de danger, arrêter la centrale. » Elle s’interroge : « Quel poids » aurait eu l’hypothétique patron de l’autorité de sûreté libyenne « face au colonel Kadhafi » ?
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From Here to Eternity: Hans Morgenthau on the Bomb
Patroclus dies to be avenged by Achilles. Hector dies to be mourned by Priam. Yet if Patroclus, Hector, and all those who could remember them were killed simultaneously, what would become of the meaning of Patroclus’s and Hector’s death? Their lives and deaths would lose their meaning. They would die, not like men but like beasts, killed in the mass, and what would be remembered would be the quantity of the killed… not the quality of one man’s death as over against another’s
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Russia looking for lost nuclear-powered missile
A nuclear-powered Russian missile remains lost at sea after a failed test late last year, and Moscow is preparing to try to recover it, according to people with direct knowledge of a U.S. intelligence report // well I guess it's better than just leaving it...
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Bolt Out of the Blue: Nuclear Attack Warning in the Era of Information and Cyber Warfare - War on the Rocks
The National Security Council should reverse the policy of classifying space-based nuclear detonation telemetry and make the data directly available to the public. // this is an excellent idea
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Cleansing thermonuclear fire | Restricted Data
if the Earth’s oceans had twenty times more deuterium than they actually contain, they could be ignited by a 20 million megaton bomb (which is to say, a bomb with the yield equivalent to 200 teratons of TNT, or a bomb 2 million times more powerful than the Tsar Bomba’s full yield). If we assumed that such a weapon had even a fantastically efficient yield-to-weight ratio like 50 kt/kg, that’s still a device that would weigh around a billion metric tons. To put that into perspective, that’s about ten times more mass than all of the concrete of the Three Gorges Dam.8
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