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Harold Brown, US defense secretary under Jimmy Carter, dies at 91 | US news | The Guardian
Brown was exhibit A for Carter as the great cold war president. pity he didn't succeed with the SLBM Only plan
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14 days ago by yorksranter
Stanislav Petrov - Wikipedia
Petrov declared the system's indication a false alarm. Later, it was apparent that he was right: no missiles were approaching and the computer detection system was malfunctioning. It was subsequently determined that the false alarm had been created by a rare alignment of sunlight on high-altitude clouds above North Dakota and the Molniya orbits of the satellites, an error later corrected by cross-referencing a geostationary satellite.[9][10]

Petrov later indicated that the influences on his decision included that he was informed a U.S. strike would be all-out, so five missiles seemed an illogical start;[1] that the launch detection system was new and, in his view, not yet wholly trustworthy; that the message passed through 30 layers of verification too quickly;[11] and that ground radar failed to pick up corroborative evidence, even after minutes of delay.[12] However, in a 2013 interview, Petrov said at the time he was never sure that the alarm was erroneous. He felt that his civilian training helped him make the right decision. He said that his colleagues were all professional soldiers with purely military training and, following instructions, would have reported a missile launch if they had been on his shift.[2]
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17 days ago by juliusbeezer
Striking the Soviets - the role of the SR71 in the SIOP | Thin Pinstriped Line
six prepositioned aircraft and 18 tankers would disperse globally, and on receipt of the news that the SIOP was underway, would launch to enter Soviet airspace about 3-6 hours after the first strikes had occurred // rather you than me, although I guess in context hurtling along at Mach 3 and FL700 was probably the safest place to be
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8 weeks ago by yorksranter
Belgique: À 80 kilomètres du Nord, la centrale nucléaire de Tihange 1 est «vétuste et dangereuse»
« Tihange 1 est l’une des plus anciennes centrales au monde. Elle a été conçue sur base de principes de sûreté en vigueur au début des années 70 », a pointé M. Mertins. « Les accidents survenus depuis lors à Three Mile Island, Tchernobyl et Fukushima ont démontré qu’une hausse significative des exigences en la matière était nécessaire », a-t-il poursuivi, déplorant à ce titre les nombreux manquements qu’il a constatés à la centrale belge.
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10 weeks ago by juliusbeezer
How have Moscow and Washington violated the agreement? What's so dangerous about intermediate-range missiles? Meduza answers the questions about the INF Treaty that you're too afraid to ask — Meduza
On October 20, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which prohibits Russia and the U.S. from developing or deploying missiles with short or intermediate ranges. After Trump’s declaration, National Security Adviser John Bolton flew to Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin, and in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant Bolton blamed Russia for the collapse of the arms control agreement, saying the Kremlin has violated the treaty constantly. Moscow, for its part, has also accused Washington of breaking the agreement. Meduza takes a look at why two countries with thousands of intercontinental missiles should want rockets with shorter ranges, who’s more to blame for the agreement’s disintegration, and what will happen, if the INF Treaty really is scrapped.
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11 weeks ago by kmt
Trump’s Punk Rock Nuclear Policy – Foreign Policy
The problem with looking for a reason for Trump’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty is that Bolton, at a fundamental level, would object to needing a reason.
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12 weeks ago by yorksranter

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