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Does AI have a dirty mind, too? – Marek K. Cichy – Medium
Well, it is a hallway. Though, things may look different at first glance. If you had an impression that it was a slightly more racy picture, you are in a good company — the AI’s mind is as dirty as…
cognition  sex  nsfw  deep-learning  image-classification  nude  my 
7 days ago by pmigdal
Cora Harrington on Twitter: "Stop saying “nude” when you mean “beige” challenge… "
“It’s 2019. Any brand that’s still using the word ‘nude’ to describe beige is doing it deliberately. They’re being clear that their target customer does not include darker-complexioned people of color and it’s okay to call them out on that.”
beige  nude  lingerie_addict  twitter  2019 
6 weeks ago by handcoding
Favorite: Snowstorm, by evamilkonskaya
IFTTT  Flickr  red  nude  snowstorm  snow  winter  way  driveway 
january 2019 by pauljacobson
Love Live Arcade Glitch Stripping Idols Nude in Public
A humorous glitch has affected the Love Live arcade game, stripping the famous idol girls of not only their clothes but also their dignity since the title is played in public.

The arcade game tasks players with raising the franchise's girls into budding idols, employing performances where the gir
love  live  videogames  japan  bug  nude  idol 
december 2018 by cla

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