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The Nuclear Bomb Hoax
Thanks to the heavy media coverage of this event many people around the world perceived this as a whole new terrible devastating weapon of war. The photos and reports coming from Japan appeared to show the horrific power of this ‘atomic’ weapon, inciting an ominous fear that would be utilized up to the present day as a way to manipulate the public into supporting a long string of contrived military campaigns affecting many sovereign nations.
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july 2018 by LordSnow
Tracking Iran's Slide into Chaos Ahead of Geneva Talks - TIME
So what's going to happen next? Recent events in Iran are difficult to analyse because the regime is inherently unpredictable. The fact that they are under pressure both internally and externally may make them more co-operative, or less. Who knows? The safest thing to assume is that there'll be more surprises.
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september 2009 by chrisjj

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