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december 2017 by kohlmannj
Why the scariest nuclear threat may be coming from inside the White House
Trump’s budget eliminates ARPA-E altogether. It also eliminates the spectacularly successful $70 billion loan program. It cuts funding to the national labs in a way that implies the laying off of 6,000 of their people. It eliminates all research on climate change. It halves the funding for work to secure the electrical grid from attack or natural disaster. “All the risks are science-based,” said John MacWilliams when he saw the budget. “You can’t gut the science. If you do, you are hurting the country. If you gut the core competency of the D.O.E., you gut the country.”
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july 2017 by iankennedy
Editorial: Still seeking a home for nuclear waste - Opinion - MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA - Framingham, MA
As anti-nuclear activists celebrate victory in the closing of the aging Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant Station in Plymouth in 2019, a larger and potentially more important battle has begun to take shape over what to do with the spent nuclear material that now sits at Pilgrim and other nuclear facilities around the country.
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june 2016 by eversourcenh
Feedback sought on nuclear-waste storage - News - - Hyannis, MA
After decades of pressure from the nuclear industry and host communities, the U.S. Department of Energy has set a meeting to discuss a plan to allow commercial reactors to get rid of the 70,000 metric tons of nuclear spent fuel now on their sites.
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may 2016 by eversourcenh
Hardest sell: Nuclear waste needs good home - BBC News
This summer saw the launch of a National Geological Screening Guidance consultation, a review of existing information about the suitability of sites across England and Wales, with councils and organisations invited to comment.
Eddie Martin, a former leader of Cumbria County Council and founder of the Cumbria Trust, said: "Sellafield has been filling up with other sites' waste and is it any surprise the last search ended up here?
"It's not for any pragmatic or geological reason, it's socio-economic expediency. Part of this county already relies on the nuclear industry, so it's more likely to accept some more.
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january 2016 by paulbradshaw
US wants nuclear waste train, but nowhere to go - The Boston Globe
The Department of Energy recently asked companies for ideas on how the government should get the rail cars needed to haul 150-ton casks filled with used, radioactive nuclear fuel from power plants to disposal sites. But they will not be moving anytime soon.

The latest government plans call for having an interim test storage site in 2021 and a long-term geologic depository in 2048.
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september 2014 by northernpass
Transatomic Power
Uses existing nuclear waste to produce electricity, producing 10-20 kg of waste (100s of years) instead of 10 metric tons (100k yrs) for conventional. Fails with reactants in solid form, not liquid. On CNN GPS show.
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august 2014 by dbassendine
The legacy of America's nuclear power plants - spent fuel and no place to put it - Brattleboro Reformer
After Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is closed and when the site is finally cleaned up -- perhaps before the end of the next decade -- there will still be a lingering reminder of what existed there since 1972.

As at other nuclear power plant sites around the country, spent nuclear fuel -- or nuclear waste, as it used to be called prior to a successful rebranding campaign waged by the nuclear industry -- might remain in Vernon long after all other reminders of Yankee are gone.
BrattleboroReformer  spentfuel  nuclear  powerplant  decommissioning  NRC  nuclearwaste  disposal  VermontYankee  Entergy 
may 2014 by northernpass
Canada narrows list of possible locations for nuclear waste facility - Technology & Science - CBC News
Wow, interesting. The towns still in the running basically cluster into three groups:

* Hwy 17 N: from west to east: Ignace, Nipigon, Schreiber, Manitouwadge, White River, Hornepayne;
* Hwy 17 E: from west to east: Blind River, North Shore, Elliot Lake, Spanish;
* Bruce Peninsula: Brockton, Huron-Kinloss, South Bruce.

Three Ontario towns with promising geology are moving to the next level of evaluation for a DGR; Hornepayne, Ignace and Schreiber.

Eleven other Ontario sites are still in the early stages of assessment; Blind River, Brockton, Central Huron, Elliot Lake, Huron-Kinloss, Manitouwadge, Nipigon, North Shore, South Bruce, Spanish, and White River.

Seven sites have been turned down because their geology’s not right, or they lack the 250 acres of land above ground for ventilation buildings. They include English River First Nation, and Pinehouse in Saskatchewan. And in Ontario, Arran-Elderslie, Ear Falls, Saugeen Shores, Wawa, and the Township of Red Rock.
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april 2014 by shadowspar
Look Only At the Movement
"A potent tale has been set into motion across the American landscape. And it is only just beginning. Look Only at the Movement juxtaposes two entangled worlds as they unfold across one another: the streaming American Highway system and its travelers' punctuating encounters with nuclear waste transport, disposal cells, and sites of remediation. The project offers a meditation-in-motion for audiences. It invites imaginings, curiosity, and logistical questions about how contemporary life, landscape, and infrastructure design will, for foreseeable futures, bend their material realities around the need to contain and indefinitely move with nuclear materiality."
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july 2013 by hecavanagh

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