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Apple finally announces an overhauled Mac mini | Ars Technica
Can't figure out if this is more or less expensive than one of the Hades Canyon NUCs
apple  macmini  nuc  intel 
6 weeks ago by danhon
Amazon: Intel NUC NUC7i3BNK
Pricey, but maybe not much more than other SFF computers after adding RAM and M.2 SSD.
westy  sff  intel  nuc  linux 
august 2018 by sbw
Howto: Installing HassIO in Docker on a Proxmox NUC server - - Home Assistant Community
Howto: Installing HassIO in Docker on a Proxmox NUC server
I am migrating my HassIO installation from a Pi to a NUC and took some notes on the process (all process and commands at this link…)
I wanted to install HassIO in Docker directly without using an image. It seems this is an uncommon installation method, but it is detailed here in the HA docs:
I set up my NUC with Proxmox, a Debian-based virtualization operating system. First you install Debian and then run an install script that switches in the Proxmox kernel. Details on that method here: 44
Then I created a VM running plain Debian, and installed just Docker. Then I installed HassIO and a few other Docker containers
Installing HassIO this way just installs two regular Docker containers: homeassistant, and the hassio-supervisor. If you install an addon from within the HassIO menu, it appears as just another Docker container.
Using Portainer to manage the containers:
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.51.22 AM.png1192x687 92.8 KB
Obviously you could skip the Proxmox part of this but I was going to migrate over some other servers I have on my LAN and run them as VMs.
Wanted to share this method of installing HassIO directly into Docker as it seems to be the best of both worlds. HassIO and it’s addons and interface, but all managed in Docker alongside any other containers you may want to run, on a regular Linux server host.
Any special motive for installing Hassio on Docker instead of HA (or directly HA into venv on Debian and skipping Docker)? With Debian VM & Docker & Hassio there are 3 VMs running one inside the other (or as di Caprio would say a dream in a dream in a dream )
I know Hassio is more user friendly but venv installation should be more flexible.
Running  two  separate  VMs  with  Ubuntu  Server  (HA  and  Plex)  on  a  less  powerful  NUC  than  yours  still  doesn’t  get  processor  load  above  0.5  from iphone
july 2018 by kgiverson
Intel Readies New 'Bean Canyon' NUCs With Coffee Lake-U CPUs
Intel currently has very few competitors in the ultra-mini PC market that can rival its line of NUC offerings. Nevertheless, the processor manufacturer is aiming to cater to different users' needs and requirements.
intel  nuc  gadgetluv 
july 2018 by jasonsamuels
[Guide] Intel Kaby Lake NUC7 using Clover UEFI (NUC7i7BNH, NUC7i5BNK, NUC7i3BNH, etc) |
The purpose of this guide is to provide a step-by-step guide to install High Sierra, Sierra, or El Capitan on the Kaby Lake Intel NUC7 series Intel NUC mini computers. My NUC7 is the NUC7i7BNH, although I expect the guide will work on other similar models.

I installed with 8GB RAM (one stick), and an SM951/AHCI M.2 SSD. Recommend two sticks in dual-channel.

This guide does not use Unibeast nor Multibeast, but uses automated scripts to handle most of the post-installation details.
intel  mac  hackintosh  nuc  macos 
june 2018 by bezthomas

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