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Full automation of release to NPM and Docker Hub with GitHub Actions and Conventional Commits | AsyncAPI Initiative
tl;dr from now on, we release generator in an automated way. We roll-out this setup to the rest when we see it is needed.
Repetitive tasks are tedious. If what you do manually can be automated, then what are you waiting for!
But these tasks take only a couple of minutes from time to time, gimme a break
A couple of minutes here, a couple of minutes there and all of a sudden you do not have time on more important things, on innovation.
github  actions  automation  release  npm  docker 
3 days ago by fabianmoronzirfas
npm trends: Compare NPM package downloads
프레임워크 다운로드 현황 그래프
리액트 공부하면서 알게된 사이트이며 책에 나온 예시는 아래 링크임
trend  npm  javascript  tool  react  frontend  do-it-react-tv 
7 days ago by ncrash
Nexus Repository | Software Component Management
In addition to caching dependencies (no breaking builds when someone yanks their package from npm!) this looks like it would give a lot of visibility into the age of your dependency network across multiple platforms (gems, npm modules, bower components, etc.).
dependency  deploy  caching  npm  gem 
8 days ago by pjmorse

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