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Make wearable wiimote hacks with knitting and macrame
Wiimittens! Hey Mario, Never lose an advanced proprietary Bluetooth accelerometer device again! Knit geometry to MIDI live for fun and frolics. Big up traditional craft alongside home brew wii hacking
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may 2018 by cheapjack
Make a Wikipedia for maker space material knowledge
Make a Wikipedia for maker space knowledge to share how to use, cut, source experiment with materials used in makerspaces
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may 2017 by cheapjack
Make a funky Minutemen remix
Make a UK funky type bass remix around "Mr Robot's Holy Orders" by Minutemen. Sample JME on it or President T
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april 2017 by cheapjack
Low Power Barbecues
Informal hacks and barbecues at the allotments of DoES members Ross, Alex, & Ed at some point in the summer exploiting LoraWAN stuff (jumping on the defproc gateway if it makes it from L8 ;) ), solar,...
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april 2017 by cheapjack
The Science Button: Make a magic button to tag a video stream live
Make a button maybe with node-red to tag a video stream when someone says something interesting or needs further comment/research/flaming/response/backing up/ confirming/abuse / laughter/ make another... after writing about the [Big Red Science Button]( Note to self; should probably revise my blasé comment on 'all science is just inferences' after reading Karl Popper and various STS bods
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november 2016 by cheapjack
Hacked twitter triggered don’t worry be happy singing fish screams black metal lyrics.
I really want one of those ‘don’t worry be happy’ singing fish, but hacked so that it screams black metal lyrics.

Or hisses like the queen alien for an uncomfortable length of time.

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november 2016 by cheapjack
Library of Babel
Researching a text adventure for Manchester Central Libraries Cracking the Code led me to this thing. Love it. Lovely example of network-culture following implications of philosophical fiction...

Embedded in text adventures to help librarians
notimenobudget  fantasylibs 
november 2016 by cheapjack
Searchable HipHop lyric datasets
Hiphop word count was such a good idea but never realised or indexed as JSON please
Oh wait, someone has.
Because genius is, well genius.
Respect to homeboy James Medd as he was up for the funk database:

"Ow, we want the funk
Give up the funk
Ow, we need the funk
We gotta have that funk in JSON"
fantasylibs  Asaservice  notimenobudget 
november 2016 by cheapjack

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