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Profile by neifile7
A profile is one of the harder likenesses to get right. On a boring stakeout, Peter and Neal test some handcuffs and discuss alleged art heists and portraiture. Set after “Copycat Caffrey.”

Art nerdiness! One of the great joys of White Collar fandom is, there is SO much art nerdiness.
Fanfic  Fandom:White_Collar  Gen  Rating:PG  Date:2010/10  POV:Neal_Caffrey  Character:Neal_Caffrey  Character:Peter_Burke  Creator:neifile7  Genre:Character_Study  Note:FandomIsMyNightSchool  Note:Art  Words:1001-3000 
october 2010 by paxpinnae
Dream A Little Bigger, Darling - the Inception Fic Writer's Guide to Firearms by chn_breathmint
*star eyes* I love it when people take the time to share their knowledge in condensed, easy-to-understand formats. This four-part tutorial on many things that go boom covers: gun safety, the mechanics of firearms, ammunition types, grenades, wound ballistics, types of guns, clips versus magazines, holsters, open versus concealed carry, conditions of carry, accessories, *deep breath* techniques of shooting, Hollywood gunfights vs RL gunfights, and legality issues. Please, read this, and nevermore make errors in your ficcish weaponry,
FandomResource  Fandom:Inception  Creator:chn_breathmint  Note:Guns  Note:FandomIsMyNightSchool  Genre:Meta 
october 2010 by paxpinnae
OH&S by fahye
Ariadne's rookie carelessness does have some positive outcomes: apart from the exciting renovations currently taking place in the emergency department of the Dear Ariadne Please Accept My Love Hospital (not an official renaming, but certainly what Yusuf has programmed his phone's GPS to label it as), Saito is now Yusuf's most vocal supporter in workplace safety issues.
Fanfic  Fandom:Inception  Gen  Het  Slash  Rating:PG-13  Date:2010/08  POV:Yusuf  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Pairing:Ariadne/Saito  Character:Yusuf  Character:Ariadne  Character:Saito  Character:Dom_Cobb  Character:Arthur  Character:Eames  Creator:fahye  Genre:Humor  Note:Awesome  Note:FandomIsMyNightSchool  Note:Teaching  Words:1001-3000 
september 2010 by paxpinnae
How to Dress Your Man/Character: An Informal Tutorial Heavy on the PicSpam by hackthis
In which hackthis gives a brief primer on the finer points of men's attire by showing you some fine men. Excellent resource.
FandomResource  Picspam  Fandom:Inception  Creator:hackthis  Note:FandomIsMyNightSchool 
august 2010 by paxpinnae
Tall Tale by Sylvia Volk
The tale of that horse had been nosed about in Texas for fifty years and more. Some said that he was immortal - that when the Spaniards landed in Florida, the first colt foaled in the New World had been to a brown mare brought across in a galleon, a mare which had broken free and run wild with her offspring. And that colt had been cloud-grey, but by seven years of age he had paled to snow-white - a white stallion, tall and fine of head, with jet-black ears. The Spaniards had roped him and tried to break him to the saddle, but no corral could hold the White Pacing Stallion. He had broken their hobbles and leaped their fences and escaped; he was made for freedom. Fleeing from man, he had crossed the Great Plains ahead of the wagon trains. Always, he moved onward, away from civilization. He had existed upon the frontier, a fabulous legend, for the whole history of the Republic of Texas.
Fanfic  Fandom:Highlander  Gen  Rating:PG  Date:1998/07  Character:Duncan_MacLeod  Character:Methos  Creator:SylviaVolk  Genre:Action  Genre:Epic  Note:Original_Character  Note:OriginalFlavor  Note:TexasFuckYeah!  Note:Teaching  Note:Thinky  Note:Awesome  Note:Animals  Note:Breathtaking  Note:Crafting  Note:Friendship  Note:FandomIsMyNightSchool  Words:25001-50000 
july 2010 by paxpinnae

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