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From digital to darkroom: the new rise of film
Every pixel could be reworked and the desire for pin sharp accuracy became an obsession. In the last few years, we have seen a shift away from this, driven by a desire for authenticity, and a hunger to see and celebrate the unpredictable and imperfect. The qualities of film feel exciting and dynamic.”


“Film slows me down and gives me time to plan, think about and compose the shots,” he says. “With digital it’s easy to overshoot. I feel like film really helps train my eye and makes me think about what I’m shooting more – usually leading to stronger and better composed images.”
nostalgia  imperfection  photography 
yesterday by JohnDrake
Jean Shepherd, Radio Storyteller | Cool Tools
When I was growing up as a kid in the 1960s, I listened to legendary storyteller Jean Shepherd spin wild, maniacal yarns every night for forty-five minutes on our local radio station near New York City. Shepherd told outrageous tales from his experiences working in the steel mills of Gary, Indiana, of his teenage exploits with hot rod cars, of the crazy boredom of his army life, and of his life as swinger in Greenwich Village. Imagine Walt Whitman as a comedian, or Garrison Keillor as a beatnik, and you might come close, but you’d miss the way Shepherd creatively hacked the medium of radio, doing things with it that would not be commonplace until the talk show era decades later.
Radio  Listen!  nostalgia 
5 days ago by telharmonium
Dynamo Concerts
From the mid-80s until last decade, Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven, Netherlands was an iconic metal festival and the go-to-place for metal maniacs from all Europe.
concert  classic  metal  nostalgia  archive  history 
10 days ago by mirthe
Jem and the Holograms - Opening Theme [Master Tape] (0/187) | YouTube
The original recordings, in better-than-broadcast quality. You're welcome.
music  video  tv  nostalgia 
10 days ago by gominokouhai
Annonser från 80-talets serietidningar
retro  nostalgia 
14 days ago by nicopunktse
Nokia’s banana phone from The Matrix is back - The Verge
Back in 1999, Keanu Reeves was famous for playing Neo in The Matrix, and not for looking sad on a bench. Nokia was also the “world’s leading mobile phone supplier” back then, and it used this popularity to feature its Nokia 8110 “banana phone” in The Matrix film. At the time everyone who considered themselves cool (definitely me) wanted a Nokia phone just like Neo’s, but most of us had to settle for the Nokia 7110 with its spring-loaded slider.

Now HMD, makers of Nokia-branded phones, is bringing the Nokia 8110 back to life as a retro classic. Just like the Nokia 3310 that was a surprise hit at Mobile World Congress last year, the 8110 plays on the same level of nostalgia. The slightly curved handset has a slider that lets you answer and end calls, and HMD is creating traditional black and banana yellow versions.
Nokia  TheMatrix  TheVerge  FeaturePhones  Nostalgia  Mobile  HMD  2018 
19 days ago by dk33per

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