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Black and white TVs are a lo-fi rebuke to a world gone wrong
One champion of black and white, TV historian Jeffrey Borinsky, asked rhetorically yesterday: “Who wants all this new-fangled 4K ultra HD, satellite dishes or a screen that’s bigger than your room when you can have glorious black and white TV?” Viewed thus, black and white TV is like craft beer, lo-fi reproof to a world gone wrong.

It’s a good point. Technological “progress” often just gives us more of what we don’t want. Endless choice is misery-making rather than liberating. No wonder the 7,000 rebel against colour TV’s gimcrack lunacy of red buttons; endless channels screening nothing worth watching; the binge-based death-in-life of modern viewing, and the whole lie that having access all the time to everything will make us happy rather than confused and sad.

The report doesn’t break down the demographics of those 7,000 into lavishly bearded, vinyl-collecting, folk-loving, vegan hipster devotees of the slow movement; but it’s my guess that this group is well represented.
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8 days ago by terry
Dear HMD, the world is finally ready for the Nokia Communicator
The Communicator series (my favorite is either the 9110i or the E90), is ripe for a 2018 remake. If you never saw one of these beasts, they were extra chunky phones (back when phones were already chunky), that flipped open to reveal a second, full-length display and a QWERTY keyboard, almost like a mini laptop. The Communicator screamed "I do business" and came with all manner of apps for the suit on the go. This was the defining "smart" phone of its day (if you're asking me that is).
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9 days ago by terry
What My Harvard College Reunion Taught Me About Life - The Atlantic
This is an elite cohort though.
This is 1988 peak Gen-X/St.Elmo's Fire generation.
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20 days ago by po
Warum wir unter der Remake-Lawine zu ersticken drohen
2018 wird als das Jahr der Remakes in die Geschichte der Traumfabriken eingehen. Die Remake-Welle lässt sich von zwei Seiten her betrachten: Vom Interesse der Produzenten an einem bewährten Produkt, und von der Sehnsucht des Zuschauers nach Nostalgie.


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20 days ago by walt74
Sun Valley Systems
I want Converting Applications to OS/2
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21 days ago by rubenerd
Can We Guess Your Age Based On The PC You Grew Up With?
I know, I know, BuzzFeed. But they guessed my age within a year! It's Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer.
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21 days ago by rubenerd

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