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Crazy Ideas Thread: Part III : slatestarcodex
> The ultimate consequence of women having children and then raising their children immediately after being children themselves is that women progressively become more similar to children and less similar to men. That is, their roles, freedoms, and responsibilities become more and more limited as their experiences and competencies are limited. What's more, men are then necessarily limited to the roles that aren't or can't be filled by women. One consequence of this dynamic is less freedom of choice for individuals, and another consequence is a cultural divide and more challenging communication between men and women based on lack of mutual knowledge and experience. We have already seen the all the negative consequences of this default dynamic play out, because our civilization is only recently becoming able to afford more freedom of choice for individuals
gender  parenting  norms 
19 days ago by porejide
The President As Adolescent Bully
Trump’s use of bullying tactics against his rivals for the Republican nomination in 2015-2016 played a critical role in endearing him to the Republican base. Trump’s rollouts of new terms of abuse for his rivals have become mini-events celebrated by his fans. The Trump campaign capitalized on the new insult by hawking celebratory t-shirts. His continued use of these methods, and the delight it gives his supporters reveals something important about what binds them together.

Bullying is most closely associated with adolescence, because teenagers are most naturally prone to it. Children that age tend to lack empathy or well-developed moral worldviews, and they often gravitate toward peers who engage in displays of dominance and cruelty. It is also the age when people are most prone to judge themselves and others by their appearance, and when social relations tend to be the most hierarchical.

Like a teenage bully, Trump fixates on a superficial characteristic in his target. He mocks male targets (Marco Rubio, Schiff, Bob Corker) as short, and a variety of women as fat or ugly. When reporter Serge Kovaleski challenged one of his lies, Trump mimicked his disability. He mocked Senator Charles Schumer for tearing up over Trump’s Muslim ban, either disgusted or unable to comprehend that somebody would empathize with the plight of immigrants.
DonaldTrump  stupid  bullying  politics  norms  ethics  government  republicans  conservatives 
20 days ago by jtyost2
White House Insists That Trump Really Is Dumb Enough to Close the Border
Or, so one might think. The White House, for its part, insists that this is a far too generous interpretation of Trump’s actions — and that he is genuinely enough of a moron to use his own feet as target practice.

“It certainly isn’t a bluff,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said of Trump’s border closure plan on Fox News Sunday morning. “You can take the president seriously.” White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney echoed on ABC’s This Week, saying that it would take “something dramatic” to change his boss’s plans. “The president will do everything he can” to end the “humanitarian crisis” at our border, Mulvaney explained. “If closing the ports of entry means that, that’s exactly what he intends to do. We need border security and we’re going to do the best we can with what we have.”

It’s tempting to see this as another layer of kayfabe. And if you had to put money on whether Trump will go through with these plans, you’d probably bet against it. Or at least, that’s what you would do if you were the typical Wall Street investor; despite Trump’s emphatic promises to commit economic self-sabotage, major indexes were up sharply in early trading Monday.

But it’s worth remembering that we aren’t in John Kelly’s White House anymore. The “adults” (such as they were) have been evicted from the room. The president is no longer intimidated by the awesome powers of his office, and has been wielding them with blithe recklessness for some time now. Earlier this year, the president learned that he could shut down the federal government for over a month — and gain no policy concessions from the exercise — and see his approval rating quickly return to its long-run average. In recent weeks, Trump nullified the bedrock, postwar norm against recognizing the sovereignty of a conquering power over land acquired through invasion (thereby eviscerating his government’s rationale for opposing Putin’s annexation of Crimea). And, of course, the president is pushing forward with his efforts to unilaterally fund his border wall through an emergency declaration. For better or worse, in April 2019, “Trump would never do this because it would be stupid and self-defeating” isn’t a very persuasive argument.
DonaldTrump  stupid  democracy  government  ethics  norms  politics  usa  immigration  trade 
20 days ago by jtyost2
Men among men do not take norm enforcement seriously - ScienceDirect
> While there is ample evidence of a society-wide cooperation norm, it is not as clear who upholds this norm. In the present paper, we investigate whether there are gender differences with respect to norm enforcement. We let 1403 subjects play games of punishment and reward, individually or in groups with varying gender composition. Broadly, the results indicate that there are no clear gender differences: men are about as inclined as women to punish norm-breakers. However, behavior is context-dependent: men acting among other men are less inclined to uphold a cooperation norm than are women, or men in gender-mixed groups.
gender  cooperation  norms  psychology 
4 weeks ago by porejide
Trump’s bizarre “Tim/Apple” tweet is a reminder the president refuses to own tiny mistakes
Trump has long been unwilling to acknowledge minor errors. Vox even did a piece on it in 2016, when the Trump campaign was refusing to admit the obvious about how Melania Trump’s Republican National Convention speech lifted phrases from Michelle Obama’s Democratic convention speech eight years earlier.

This tendency often manifests itself during speeches and other public events, when Trump will pretend his misstatements were intentional.
DonaldTrump  politics  usa  government  trust  norms 
5 weeks ago by jtyost2
Diane Vaughan - Wikipedia
normalization of deviance when designing systems: How will these rules interact with how people naturally bend the rules? via:
sociology  challenger  deviance  normalization  engineering  norms 
9 weeks ago by thadk
Let’s Take the Cult out of Silicon Valley Culture
"I’m not saying long work hours, free lunch, and and ping pong tables are bad. I am saying that many Silicon Valley cultures border on cults. Leaders should pay attention to this and try to avoid falling into common cult patterns, for example, by ensuring diverse recruiting programs, by building on-boarding programs that are more training than brainwashing, and by creating a culture that values dissenting opinions."
culture  leadership  management  uncategorized  core  values  norms 
9 weeks ago by jonerp
Norms of Membership for Voluntary Groups | Otium
One feature of the internet that we haven’t fully adapted to yet is that it’s trivial to create voluntary groups for discussion.  It’s as easy as making a mailing list, group chat, Facebook group, Discord server, Slack channel, etc. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  community  norms  online 
january 2019 by ChristopherA
The inconvenient truth about love |
US society has branded marriage as an institution of love, yet we cling to old-fashioned narratives about divorce. Here's why that's harmful
divorce  social  norms  compassion  idea 
december 2018 by ivar

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