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Data and metadata - Norse world
The Norse World data include two types of spatial references, place names and non-names, see below. The standard form of a place name is the modern official name of the place taken from an official source such as a gazetteer, Geonames, iDAI, or GeoHack, or secondary literature, e.g. via Pocket
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Strong presence in today's Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event!
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Hey! Our trailer for is on the wall at the party at I cheered out loud! Thank you…
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Verbal Edge: Borges & Buckley | Eamonn Fitzgerald: Rainy Day
At one point, Borges said that he found English “a far finer language” than Spanish and Buckley asked “Why?”

Borges: There are many reasons. Firstly, English is both a Germanic and a Latin language, those two registers.


And then there is another reason. And the reason is that I think that of all languages, English is the most physical. You can, for example, say “He loomed over.” You can’t very well say that in Spanish.

Buckley: Asomo?
Borges: No; they’re not exactly the same. And then, in English, you can do almost anything with verbs and prepositions. For example, to “laugh off,” to “dream away.” Those things can’t be said in Spanish.
J.L.B.: "You will say that it's easier for a Dane to study English than for a Spanish-speaking person to learn English or an Englishman Spanish; but I don't think this is true, because English is a Latin language as well as a Germanic one. At least half the English vocabulary is Latin. Remember that in English there are two words for every idea: one Saxon and one Latin. You can say 'Holy Ghost' or 'Holy Spirit,' 'sacred' or 'holy.' There's always a slight difference, but one that's very important for poetry, the difference between 'dark' and 'obscure' for instance, or 'regal' and 'kingly,' or 'fraternal' and 'brotherly.' In the English language almost al words representing abstract ideas come from Latin, and those for concrete ideas from Saxon, but there aren't so many concrete ideas." (P. 71) [2]

In his own words, then, Borges was fascinated by Old English and Old Norse.
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Nordik | nordic committee for art history
Soon we’ll meet again! On May 13, the eleventh NORDIK conference – the largest triennial art history conference in northern Europe – will open in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is an event that will gather art historians from all over the world, with an interest in Nordic art. via Pocket
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