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Journey Mapping: 9 Frequently Asked Questions
One of the best reference posts on #customer #journey #mapping I've seen + Links to more. I use #agile #digital #ethnography for research-first or hypothesis-first approaches; it adds a lot of data cred to maps
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5 days ago by csrollyson
Conservation news - Environmental science and conservation news
Mongabay is a U.S.-based non-profit conservation and environmental science news platform.
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8 days ago by sdp
Ethical Alternatives & Resources -
We’ve compiled an open list of resources for ethical living — from browsers to books, TED talks to apps. Click to check it out — or make a contribution!
ethics  links  open-source  openprivacy  nonprofit 
10 days ago by oterpolk
A5: orgs need to take a networked approach - leverage the professional networks of your staff and boa…
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11 days ago by caravanstudios

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