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Ceph Ceph storage - Ceph
By decoupling the namespace from the underlying hardware, object-based storage systems enable you to build much larger storage clusters. You can scale out object-based storage systems using economical commodity hardware, and you can replace hardware easily when it malfunctions or fails.
storage  network  network-drive  nfs  nfs-alternative 
5 days ago by hellsten
contentfree/ms-nfs41-client: NFSv4.1/pNFS client for Windows 7
Fork of the CITI windows NFS v4.1 client that covers the compatibility problem with Amazon AWS EFS share deny open
windows  NFS  v4  v4.1  client  software  opensource  AWS  EFS 
29 days ago by asteroza
Google Cloud Filestore is a Cloud NAS with NFSv3
There are two tiers, a $0.20 per GB month standard tier and a $0.30 per GB month premium tier. Both can handle up to 64TB shares but the premium version caps out at 700MB/s while the standard offering is a 180MB/s offering, or about the speed of a single rotating 3.5″ disk.
GCP  storage  NFS  cloud 
9 weeks ago by euler

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