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The Increase | Dealing with Transition – Benjamin Watson
Christian article by former NFL tight end Benjamin Watson about dealing with transitions in life.
NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Watson_Ben  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
3 hours ago by milligan00
The Increase | Living in the Moment – Jordan Matthews
Christian article by 49ers wide receiver Jordan Matthews about living in the moment.
49ers  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Matthews_Jordan  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
yesterday by milligan00
Sure ill yawn. But then I'll smile because we are watching highlights and not
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3 days ago by rcsmedia
The Increase | Christ in Me – Tress Way
Christian article by Redskins punter Tress Way about Christ in him.
Redskins  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Way_Tress  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
4 days ago by milligan00
The Increase | Creating a Cadence – Kelvin Beachum
Christian article by Jets tackle Kelvin Beachum about creating a cadence.
Jets  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Beachum_Kelvin  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
6 days ago by milligan00
PodcastOne: Blake Griffin And Antonio Brown's Free Agency Ends
"obviously if you're a pittsburgh steelers fan, you're coming at it with a perspective of: i loved watching this dude on sundays, he made my team better, it was fun, but now they probably hate him, they think he's just a total weirdo/asshole"


"i think there's a case to be made that it was the weirdest contract negotiation of all time"
sports  football  nfl  steelers  antonio-brown  pardon-my-take  pft-commenter 
8 days ago by actualitems
The Increase | What’s Ahead – Trey Burton
Christian article by Bears tight end Trey Burton about what's ahead.
Bears  NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Burton_Trey  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
8 days ago by milligan00
10 Years A Felon: Roy Williams, Terrell Owens And The Birth Of The Horse Collar -
Owens and Williams are long gone from the league, but their impact will last forever. The birth of the horse collar was also the death of a potential dynasty — or at least a potential champion.
9 days ago by foliovision
Steelers Had No Choice But To Trade Antonio Brown - Steelers Depot
Here’s a hard truth for you. It had to happen. Brown wasn’t going to be a Steeler in 2019 or ever again. You knew it. Kevin Colbert, despite his public comments, knew it. And unfortunately, so did the rest of the NFL.

And that means one thing. Never getting the value you want, need, or deserve.

Brown was as phenomenal in tanking his trade value as he is making toe-tap catches. Getting teams to jump out of the deal with his antics, veto ability – that’s why we’re talking about him as a Raider, not a Bill – and new contract as the cherry on top. It’s a minor miracle there were any teams still left in the hunt.


Does that make me feel better? No. And it shouldn’t you. But the Steelers were boxed into a corner. No other moves on the chessboard to make.

I know what your counter argument is. Alex, keep him. Make him sit. Suspend him. Don’t let him control the situation.

It sounds good. Really, it does. In Colbert’s heart, I bet he agreed. Making Brown sit and stew feels like the righteous thing to do. But karma doesn’t win you games. That’s a move you make with your heart, not your head.


Make no mistake. It’s not a good day for the Steelers franchise. They’re objectively worse off for it and the front office isn’t blameless for getting into this mess. But once they were in it, and they were chin deep, there wasn’t a viable option to come out ahead.

Trading Brown is the hardest decision this franchise has made in years. It’s not fun knowing you’re taking a step back.

But was it the right one? Absolutely.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to throw up.
sports  football  nfl  steelers  antonio-brown 
10 days ago by actualitems
Know what’s more dangerous for your body than Cannabis? Tackle football! Don’t see the testing for that.
NFL  from twitter_favs
10 days ago by ritwik
Eagles increasingly using sports science to evaluate players – ProFootballTalk
“When we started the process with this free agent and went over his age and his background, [Lurie] is like, ‘This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why are we doing that?’ And I said, ‘Here’s what we think from an analytical perspective, here’s what we think from a value cap/cash perspective, and here’s our scouting perspective. Let me send you all the information, let’s get back on the phone, because this is what I’m looking at. And we got back on the phone and he said, ‘Not only am I in favor of this, but this seems like a great value,'” Roseman said. “For him to change his tune based on those three pieces of information, to me that’s the kind of person I want to work for — somebody who can get this information, look at it and make a decision based on that and not just stick to the decision he had before. And that’s kind of how we do business: Let’s make really good bets.”

The Eagles have
13 days ago by lwhlihu
The Increase | Becoming a Mirror – Matt Forte
Christian article by former NFL runningback Matt Forte about becoming a mirror.
NFL  Christians_in_Sports  Forte_Matt  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
13 days ago by milligan00
Receiver D.K. Metcalf says "God makes no mistakes" after NFL combine performance - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about former Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf and his faith during the NFL Draft Combine last weekend.
Ole_Miss  NCAA  NFL  NFL_Draft  Christians_in_Sports  Metcalf_D.K.  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
14 days ago by milligan00
Pat Thorman on Twitter: "“Tell me what the guy can do, don’t tell me what he can’t do.” - Belichick Valuable perspective as we nitpick combine results." / Twitter
“Tell me what the guy can do, don’t tell me what he can’t do.”

- Belichick

Valuable perspective as we nitpick combine results.
nfl  leadership  belichick 
15 days ago by lwhlihu
Jordan Raanan on Twitter: "Got advice one time from someone who understands the cap way better than the general public and myself. He said teams don't worry about the cap. It can always be manipulated. They worry about real cash." / Twitter
Got advice one time from someone who understands the cap way better than the general public and myself. He said teams don't worry about the cap. It can always be manipulated. They worry about real cash.
15 days ago by lwhlihu

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