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New Zealand Venture Investment Fund
@ the epicentre of kiwi ingenuity
[noun: ingenuity/the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.]
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7 days ago by jevon
4:30pm is my favourite time on Gov Twitter because it's when starts tweeting and it's always feisty and…
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11 days ago by mgifford
Mouth of the on the South Island of . This large, braided river flows from the Southern Alp…
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12 days ago by robhawkes
Radio New Zealand
"NZ News, Current Affairs, Audio On Demand"
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19 days ago by l0b0
The effects of New Zealand’s cycle helmet law: The evidence and what it means. | Road Danger Reduction Forum
..mandatory cycle helmet law is associated both with a decline in cycling, and an increase in cyclist casualty rates. The evidence points to this occurring because: i) The helmet law put people off cycling, both because of the inconvenience of wearing helmet, but also by dangerising cycling – seeing it as something which is inherently hazardous. ii) .. factors associated in a car-dominated transport system may be at fault as well, the law was associated in reducing the numbers of people engaged in a healthy activity, and one which is also quite low risk. Also Safety in Numbers effect: The decline in cycling is itself associated with an increase in cyclist casualty rates...
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26 days ago by spencertree

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