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Why New Zealand Is Furious About Australia’s Deportation Policy - The New York Times
The cancellation of Australian visas on the grounds of “character” has soared since December 2014, when the government amended its immigration law. Last year, more than half of those visas belonged to New Zealanders, almost 1,300 of whom have been deported since January 2015. They are now the largest group in Australia’s immigration detention centers, whereas before the legal changes New Zealanders were not even in the top 10.
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RT : World in the abstract Mondrian style by artist Michael Tompsett. It even features . Source:…
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RT : Because activists don't give up and we are everywhere
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Wake Up New Zealand
What Does The Globalist Agenda / New World Order Plan Mean For New Zealanders? [and the rest of the world]
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, , , and to reject Britain’s proposed import arrangements for cruci…
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Right, sit down and listen up you mob of Seppos, because I'm about to drop some bloody learnin' on you orright? - Album on Imgur
You Americans are always mixing up Australians and New Zealanders and frankly we're getting a bit sick of it! So sit down, strap in, and listen up because I'm about to fill you in.

This here is a map of our two countries. Yes, that's right, TWO countries: Aussies and Kiwis are not the same thing. That's lesson one. Yes we can be a bit similar, but think of us as cousins, not twins ay?

Now before I go on, a quick disclaimer: I'm a first generation Australian, but my parents and family are Kiwis, so I've got a bob each way in terms of the rivalry here.

And also a quick edit: it is apparently necessary to point out that this post is not a joke about Americans at all, but about Australians and New Zealanders and our cultural idiosyncrasies. So only read on if you're interested in a bit of characteristic Antipodean self-deprecating humour.
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