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Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A. | The New Yorker
The organization’s leadership is focussed on external threats, but the real crisis may be internal.
NRA  lobbying  management  review  critique  USA  NewYorker  2019 
3 days ago by inspiral
André Carrilho - All
Cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and animator
Caricature  VanityFair  NewYorker  Drawing  Cartoons 
3 days ago by TomasMartinez
The New Yorker: Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason. By Elizabeth Kolbert February 19, 2017
In a new book, “The Enigma of Reason” (Harvard), the cognitive scientists Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber take a stab at answering this question. Mercier, who works at a French research institute in Lyon, and Sperber, now based at the Central European University, in Budapest, point out that reason is an evolved trait, like bipedalism or three-color vision. It emerged on the savannas of Africa, and has to be understood in that context.
book  New  Yorker  TheNewYorker  NewYorker  Facts  human  mind  reason  ElizabethKolbert  Elizabeth  Kolbert  2017  psychology  Hugo  Mercier  Dan  Sperber  HugoMercier  DanSperber 
4 days ago by userX
What Cancer Takes Away¦The New Yorker
When I got sick, I warned my friends: Don’t try to make me stop thinking about death.
cancer  health  newyorker  literature 
8 days ago by robward
Not So Fast | The New Yorker
The Chairman: Scientific management has no place for such men?

Mr. Taylor: Scientific management has no place for a bird that can sing and won’t sing. . . .

The Chairman: We are not . . . dealing with horses nor singing birds, but we are dealing with men who are a part of society and for whose benefit society is organized.
taylorism  newyorker 
8 days ago by Walpole
Athena, Goddess of Copyediting
"Athena is direct: she never tries to seduce anyone or wheedle to get her way. Her brand of wisdom is a form of common sense, which was something I lacked, a muscle that did not get much exercise in college or graduate school. I was a good worker, though—the only job I ever had that I was truly terrible at was waiting on tables—and by the time I got to The New Yorker there were different kinds of women to observe: a cheerful receptionist heading back to graduate school, proofreaders of all styles—zealous, jealous, quietly brilliant—and wickedly good writers, like Pauline Kael and Janet Malcolm. When I was promoted to the copydesk, my dream job, and it was just me and the words, I had a crisis of confidence. No one thanked you when you did something right, but when you screwed up they had ways of letting you know."
MaryNorris  TheParisReview  NewYorker  BookExcerpt  memoir  editing  copyediting  ClassicalCulture 
21 days ago by briansholis
The Hidden Air Pollution in Our Homes | The New Yorker
Outdoor air has been regulated for decades, but emissions from daily domestic activities may be more dangerous than anyone imagined.
homechem  pollution  cooking  food  indoors  review  NewYorker  2019 
21 days ago by inspiral
How “Good Design” Failed Us | The New Yorker
Most of the things that we hold in our hands and stare at, day after day, are examples of "good design" — great design, even, in terms of their inextricability from life. But more and more their social benefit seems questionable.
design  newyorker 
21 days ago by jorgebarba

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