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A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship Program
Supports underrepresented and emerging self-identified women artists in New York City. Each year, six artists are awarded a year-long fellowship to develop and exhibit a project at A.I.R.
This program encourages artistic experimentation and rigor by providing a space where feminist historical precedence and inter-generational dialogue are at the forefront.

-A self-identified woman artist
-Have not had a solo exhibition at a permanent commercial gallery in NYC in the last 10 years
-Are residents, or within commuting distance of, New York City metropolitan area for the duration of the program
-18 years or older
-Not a student or enrolled in any degree seeking program at the time of the program
-Not participating in a comparable development program or residency program

-Free membership at the A.I.R. Gallery for one year
-A solo exhibition in the Fellowship Gallery fully supported by A.I.R.
-Professional development workshops led by a professional in the field
-Access to the gallery space, resources and career development assistance during program tenure
-One-on-one studio visit with one of the review panelists
-An artist-mentor at A.I.R. Gallery to work with throughout the program
-A stipend at the end of their participation in the program, pending available funding
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22 hours ago by risdgrants
Geilster Spruch einer Milchreisbar in ich gleich reingegangen und mein fettes Bäuchlein noch voller ge…
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9 days ago by reinhard_codes
RT : Always great to engage with the colleagues face to face - this time in our location in the Big Apple
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15 days ago by TomRaftery
We are in today talking about Origin Protocol with
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27 days ago by eschapp
Lined & Unlined
A filing cabinet on the internet by Rob Giampietro
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9 weeks ago by galletto
Sliding pond
A sliding pond (or sliding pon) is what most English-speaking United States residents would call a slide or, less commonly, a sliding board or sliding plank.
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july 2018 by M.Leddy

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