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Freedom Controller
Freedom from what, you ask? Big internet companies storing, parsing and owning your knowledge. Once you read something, or see something, that knowledge belongs to you.

Control your knowledge flow, and do something awesome with it.

Follow newsfeeds and social outlines through the river-style rss/atom/opml aggregator. We have created a new namespace for opml and rss called SOPML that allows people to turn their opml reading lists into a social graph. We call them social outlines.

The readability feature saves clean copies of articles you read from right in the news river. You can then go back and pull up a copy of any article you've read later or search for saved articles by keywords.

The microblog feature allows easy sharing into an RSS feed and to Twitter with multiple enclosure support. There are also many ways to export your saved articles and microblog data out into OPML format for editing or safe keeping.
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february 2017 by stjp

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