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Watch The Washing Society, the Documentary by Lizzie Olesker and Lynne Sachs | Fandor
When you drop off a bag of dirty laundry, who's doing the washing and folding? THE WASHING SOCIETY brings us into New York City laundromats and the experiences of the people who work there. Collaborating together for the first time, filmmaker Lynne Sachs and playwright Lizzie Olesker observe the disappearing public space of the neighborhood laundromat and the continual, intimate labor that happens there. With a title inspired by the 1881 organization of African-American laundresses, THE WASHING SOCIETY investigates the intersection of history, underpaid work, immigration, and the sheer math of doing laundry. Drawing on each other's artistic practices, Sachs and Olesker present a stark yet poetic vision of those whose working lives often go unrecognized, turning a lens onto their hidden stories, which are often overlooked. Dirt, skin, lint, stains, money, and time are thematically interwoven into the very fabric of THE WASHING SOCIETY through interviews and observational moments. With original music by sound artist Stephen Vitiello, the film explores the slippery relationship between the real and the re-enacted with layers of dramatic dialogue and gestural choreography. The juxtaposition of narrative and documentary elements in THE WASHING SOCIETY creates a dream-like, yet hyper-real portrayal of a day in the life of a laundry worker, both past and present. via Fandor - New Releases
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Watch The Yellow Curtain, the Iranian Documentary by Azadeh Navai | Fandor
In the 1970s, Iran seemingly had everything. U.S. President, Jimmy Carter called it "an island of stability" in a visit. Yet, only two years later, in the winter of 1979, a revolution occurred. The Shah of Iran was overthrown and the Islamic Republic was established. It was a major change, a complete switch of power. THE YELLOW CURTAIN interweaves the stories of three men around this sensitive time in history--persecuted Persian author, Gholamhossein Saedi, one of his fictional characters, Mansour, and the filmmaker's own grandfather, who worked directly under the Shah. Through a poetic blending of literature and cinema, the film examines many lives turned upside down; and in one rare case, a life turned right side up. via Fandor - New Releases
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