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"Oh—now I see where we part company. You are cleaving unto the spirit of … Premium Giclee Print by Mort Gerberg |
Oh—Now I see where we part company. You are cleaving unto the spirit of the law, while I am cleaving to the letter of the law!"
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And yes. It’s here. It’s time.
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(eat one=😊 two=😦 three=💀)
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Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought | WIRED
Meanwhile, the closest thing to a cure may be for all of us to try to remember that natural selection has saddled us with these biases—and also to remember that, however hard we try, we’re probably not entirely escaping them. In this view, the biggest threat to America and to the world may be a simple lack of intellectual humility.
SamHarris  New  bias  atheism  tribalism  review  critique  Wired  2019 
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