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People keep trying to bring back phrenology | The Outline
This is ok for a while and then it starts literally denying that any localization of function could possibly be true
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8 days ago by yorksranter
The terrorist inside my husband's brain | Neurology
Robin Williams had the little-known but deadly Lewy body disease (LBD). He died from suicide in 2014 at the end of an intense, confusing, and relatively swift persecution at the hand of this disease's symptoms and pathology. He was not alone in his traumatic experience with this neurologic disease.
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18 days ago by arnabocean
Cerebrospinal Fluid "Brain Washing" During Sleep | The Brink | Boston University
New research from Boston University suggests that tonight while you sleep, something amazing will happen within your brain. Your neurons will go quiet. A few seconds later, blood will flow out of your head. Then, a watery liquid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) will flow in, washing through your brain in rhythmic, pulsing waves. …

The coupling of brain waves with the flow of blood and CSF could provide insights about normal age-related impairments as well. Earlier studies have suggested that CSF flow and slow wave activity both help flush toxic, memory-impairing proteins from the brain. As people age, their brains often generate fewer slow waves. In turn, this could affect the blood flow in the brain and reduce the pulsing of CSF during sleep, leading to a buildup of toxic proteins and a decline in memory abilities. Although researchers have tended to evaluate these processes separately, it now appears that they are very closely linked. 
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5 weeks ago by rmohns
Brain performance in FLOPS – AI Impacts
The computing power needed to replicate the human brain’s relevant activities has been estimated by various authors, with answers ranging from 10^12 to 10^28 FLOPS.
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7 weeks ago by msszczep

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