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Automatic art analysis has been mostly focused on classifying artworks into different artistic styles. However, understanding an artistic representation involves more complex processes, such as identifying the elements in the scene or recognizing author influences. via Pocket
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16 days ago by kintopp
DCGAN for Archaeologists – Electric Archaeology
Melvin Wevers has been using neural networks to understand visual patterns in the evolution of newspaper advertisements in Holland. He and his team developed a tool for visually searching the newspaper corpus. via Pocket
images  neural  newspapers  recognition 
16 days ago by kintopp
vdumoulin/conv_arithmetic: A technical report on convolution arithmetic in the context of deep learning
A technical report on convolution arithmetic in the context of deep learning - vdumoulin/conv_arithmetic
visual  visualisation  neural  network  cnn  dnn  convolution  ai  learning 
27 days ago by severin.smith

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