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HTTPS for free in Go, with little help of Let's Encrypt
HTTPS for free in Go, with little help of Let's Encrypt - Added July 09, 2017 at 06:33PM
golang  networking 
yesterday by xenocid
Let's code a TCP/IP stack, 5: TCP Retransmission
Let's code a TCP/IP stack, 5: TCP Retransmission - Added July 07, 2017 at 03:08PM
low-level-programming  networking  read2of 
yesterday by xenocid
Remotely Discover and Automatically Support Assets
ConnectWise Automate allows you to manage asset discovery automatically, so your team can focus on critical IT tasks. Find out how.
cw  automate  networking  probe 
yesterday by natedoc
Life After the MFA | F Newsmagazine
“It comes down to community, wherever you are,” Fraser offers. “You develop friendships, relationships, and those are the things that carry you through to find opportunities, and you help other people find opportunities.”
art  networking 
yesterday by cmananian
OpenNIC Project
Probably safer than Google or your ISP's DNS
networking  dns  internet 
yesterday by mechazoidal

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