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The complex web of self-driving car relationships - Axios
"Uber and Alphabet may be locked in a bitter legal battle over self-driving cars, but the two companies are intertwined financially and once were quite friendly with one another. It's just part of a very complex web of ride-hail relationships ― in terms of investments, personnel and strategic partnerships ― where rivalries and alliances are often one in the same."
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may 2017 by alykat
VRT Network Equipment | VRT Systems
Shape Gallery for LibreOffice/OpenOffice We're in the business of industrial automation and systems integration, so our need for network equipment is a little different to a traditional IT company. We happen to use LibreOffice for drawing system network diagrams and since we couldn't find a decent collection of consistently-styled equipment shapes that suited our needs, we created our own.
libreoffice  shapes  networkdiagram  networking 
december 2014 by kwbr
10 Tips for Creating Better Network Diagrams
Welcome to Network Diagram 101! Follow these free tips to help build better, easy to understand network diagrams.
sysadmin  diagrams  networking  networkdiagram  visualisation 
december 2014 by kwbr
Inside the $400-million political network backed by the Kochs - The Washington Post
"In an analysis of 2011 and 2012 tax filings, The Washington Post and the Center for Responsive Politics found that a coalition of nonprofit groups backed by a donor network organized by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch raised more than $400 million in the last election cycle. Much of the money was distributed to a maze of limited-liability companies affiliated with the nonprofits, which used some of their resources to turn out conservative voters and run ads against President Obama and congressional Democrats."
networkdiagram  infographic  campaignfinance  election2012  politics 
january 2014 by alykat
The Flavor Connection [Interactive]: Scientific American
"Scientists link common flavor compounds across the world's favorite ingredients" Interactive diagram showing links between different types of flavors.
datavis  interactive  food  networkdiagram 
august 2013 by alykat

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