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11 hours ago by slmeyer
3 Common Network Mistakes
There are many things that can cause a network to stumble, here are just a few of the more common mistakes that business owners make with their networks.
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16 hours ago by Adventure_Web
7 free tools every network needs | Network World
Fortunately, many good tools, both commercial and open source, are available to shine much-needed light into your environment. Because good and free always beat good and costly, I've compiled a list of my favorite open source tools that prove their worth day in and day out in networks of any size.
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18 hours ago by whip_lash
Pace 5268AC - SonicWiki
"LAN Subports allow you to bridge any number of ethernet ports on the gateway. This setup is ideal for customers who want to use their own router behind the Pace gateway. LAN Subports will not work with single static IP address.

After enabling LAN Subports, you will need to turn your gateway off and back on again.


Log into the residential gateway's interface by surfing to (old versions of hardware that used original firmware use
Click the "Broadband" icon under "Summary"
Click "Link Configuration"
Under "LAN Subports" check the "Enable" box
Select a Lan port to map to Primary Connection (you can set any port, several of them or all of them)
Click "Save"
Reboot gateway"
sonic  network  configuration  subport  nat 
18 hours ago by earth2marsh

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