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Stanford Online Accessibility Project
Resources for ensuring accessible web content for people with disabilities.
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10 days ago by brownpau
What Is the Difference Between Net Income, Earnings, and Profit
net income, earning and profit are same terms, i.e. the difference between gross income and all expenses
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15 days ago by peng.zhang
FW4A – 4 Port Intel ® E3845 – Protectli
Intel Atom® E3845 Quad Core at 1.91GHz / 4 Intel® Gigabit 82583V Ethernet NIC ports / AES-NI / Fanless and Silent
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20 days ago by kr4d
[1812.09355] What Is One Grain of Sand in the Desert? Analyzing Individual Neurons in Deep NLP Models
Despite the remarkable evolution of deep neural networks in natural language processing (NLP), their interpretability remains a challenge. Previous work largely focused on what these models learn at the representation level. We break this analysis down further and study individual dimensions (neurons) in the vector representation learned by end-to-end neural models in NLP tasks. We propose two methods: Linguistic Correlation Analysis, based on a supervised method to extract the most relevant neurons with respect to an extrinsic task, and Cross-model Correlation Analysis, an unsupervised method to extract salient neurons w.r.t. the model itself. We evaluate the effectiveness of our techniques by ablating the identified neurons and reevaluating the network's performance for two tasks: neural machine translation (NMT) and neural language modeling (NLM). We further present a comprehensive analysis of neurons with the aim to address the following questions: i) how localized or distributed are different linguistic properties in the models? ii) are certain neurons exclusive to some properties and not others? iii) is the information more or less distributed in NMT vs. NLM? and iv) how important are the neurons identified through the linguistic correlation method to the overall task? Our code is publicly available as part of the NeuroX toolkit (Dalvi et al. 2019).
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24 days ago by foodbaby

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