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GraphQL and Neo4j - Neo4j Graph Database Platform
Overview About GraphQL Queries GraphQL as a Contract Schema GraphQL and Neo4j Neo4j GraphQL extension GraphQL Community Graph Hackathon What is a Community Graph? Hackathon GraphQL Support Resources Raw Data Access About GraphQL GraphQL is a specification for querying a… Learn More →
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Build full stack graph applications with ease. Leverage developer productivity by using tools that just work.
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Thanks you for publishing this introduction to Atlas, a powerful GIS system on top of
Neo4j  from twitter_favs
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Scraping Russian Twitter Trolls With Python, Neo4j, and GraphQL · William Lyon
Scraping Russian Twitter Trolls With Python, Neo4j, and GraphQL · William Lyon - Added November 13, 2017 at 03:53PM
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4.3. Sessions and transactions - Chapter 4. Drivers
A session is a container for a sequence of transactions. Sessions borrow connections from a pool as required and so should be considered lightweight and disposable. In languages where thread safety is an issue, a session should not be considered thread-safe.
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3.4.4. List functions - 3.4. Functions
The function rels() has been superseded by relationships(), and will be removed in a future release.
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#neo4j cypher tips & tricks · GitHub
When GraphQL was published as part of Facebooks React efforts, it made a big buzz as an straightforward means to declare what kind of projection of your domain data you need for a certain UI component.
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Neo4j from JavaScript - Neo4j Graph Database Platform
Goals If you are a JavaScript developer, this guide provides an overview of options for connecting to Neo4j. While this guide is not comprehensive it will introduce the different Drivers and link to the relevant resources. Prerequisites You should be… Learn More →
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Database and Graph Visualization Tool | Neo4j
Goals This article reviews the different tools available for visualizing graph-based data. Prerequisites You should have familiarized yourself with Graph Databases and the Property Graph Model.
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APOC User Guide
Neo4j 3.2 has increased security for procedures and functions (aka sandboxing). Procedures that use internal APIs have to be allowed in $NEO4J_HOME/conf/neoj4.conf with, e.g.*,apoc.meta.* for security reasons (or apoc.* for all).
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NullPointer using in Neo4j Cypher Query - Stack Overflow
It seems that the procedure throws the belowerror running against the "null" used for missing parts of the pattern when I include the OPTIONAL statement. Any suggestions how I can overcome this.
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