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Integrating All of into a Public Database…
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7 days ago by briantrice
Data Profiling: A Holistic View of Data using Neo4j
Data profiling is a widely used methodology in the relational database world to analyse the structure, contents and metadata of a data source. Generally, data profiling consists a series of jobs executed upon the data source to collect statistics and produce informative summaries about the underlying data.

As a general rule, data evolves along the time. After some years, the actual data stored and used in a database may vary significantly from what people think it is, or what the database was designed for at the beginning. Data profiling helps not only to understand anomalies and assess data quality, but also to discover, register and assess enterprise metadata.

The Neo4j graph database is the best for analysing connected, high-volume and variably structured data assets, which makes data profiling more critical as it would help us obtain better understanding of the data, identifying hidden patterns more easily, and potentially improving query performance.
23 days ago by aleksi
Visualizing Neo4j Database Contents Like a Pro! – neo4j – Medium
Sebastian Müller (CTO of yWorks) writes a tutorial for creating a tool for visualizing a neo4j graph. The single-page web app uses yFiles for HTML and the Neo4j JavaScript Bolt driver to query the Neo4j database.
neo4j  SebastianMuller  yFiles  graph  Database  Vue.js  application  onePage  yWorks  Bolt 
4 weeks ago by searchmeister
Welcome to the Dark Side: Neo4j Worst Practices (& How to Avoid Them)
Stefan Armbruster gave a talk and then followed up with this transcription. He mentions a number of anti-patterns and bad practices developers use when using neo4j.
neo4j  coding  howto  talk  lecture 
5 weeks ago by searchmeister
Neo4j : Understanding how MERGE works - Neo4j Graph Database Platform
Very useful explanation of the correct way to modify a graph database without accidentally creating duplicate nodes or links. Use of the MERGE command can be very subtle and it would be all too easy to ruin the integrity/accuracy of your Graph.
neo4j  graph  MERGE  Cypher  data  Database  howto  manual 
5 weeks ago by searchmeister

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