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Rage Against the Codebase: Programmers and Negativity
The paths of negativity

A happy story for our now-intermediate developer from before who has gained a little wisdom and a little experience goes like this: they get to see more of the programming industry, and realize that bad code is everywhere and inescapable. Bad code exists in even the most cutting edge, quality-focused companies. (And let me tell you — modernity is not always the antidote to bad code it often seems like.)

Going into the future, they begin to accept that bad code is simply a reality of software, and it’s their job to make it better. Since there’s no escaping bad code, there’s not much point to making a fuss about it, either. They approach the path of zen, focus on how to solve the problem or task put before them, learn how to accurately measure and convey the quality of software to business stakeholders, create beautifully described estimates from their many years of experience, and end up being rewarded handsomely for their incredible and consistent value to the business. They do such a good job that they’re awarded a $10 million spot bonus and they retire to do whatever they want for the rest of their life. (Please don’t take this from me.)
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The flip side is the path of darkness. Instead of accepting that bad code is an inevitability, they take up the mantle of proclaiming all that is wrong with the world of code so that they might vanquish it. They refuse to normalize the existence bad code for a lot of good reasons: people should know better and be less stupid; it’s offensive; it’s bad for the business; this is proof of how smart I am; if I don’t express just how shit this code is this entire company is going to detach from the country and sink into the ocean; etc.

Likely in a position where they are unable to make the changes they desire because the business unfortunately must continue developing features and doesn’t have time to care about code quality, they become known as the complainer. Because they’re still highly competent, they’re kept around, but relegated to a corner of the company where they won’t bother too many people but will keep critical systems running. Cut off from access to fresh development opportunities, their skills atrophy and they lose relevancy in the industry. Their negativity festers and curdles into a hardened bitterness until they eventually find themselves sustaining their ego by arguing with 20-year-old CS students about the way that their favorite years-old technology did it and why it’s still the way to go. Eventually, they retire and spend their old age yelling at birds.

Reality probably sits somewhere between these two extremes.
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Is a long face more Christian?
+ The Christian who withdraws entirely from the society of his fellow-men, and walks the earth with a face as melancholy as if he was always attending a funeral, does injury to the cause of the Gospel. A cheerful, kindly spirit is a great recommendation to a believer. It is a positive misfortune to Christianity when a Christian cannot smile. A merry heart, and a readiness to take part in all innocent mirth, are gifts of inestimable value. They go far to soften prejudices, to take up stumbling-blocks out of the way, and to make way for Christ and the Gospel. - JCR
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january 2019 by steelo
The One Behaviour That Kills A Relationship - PsyBlog
Negativity is one of the most powerful relationship killers.

Reducing negativity is the key to getting through tough points in a relationships, new research finds.

Small negative gestures in a relationship are much more powerful than positive actions, psychologists have found.
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july 2018 by gdw
Agree Judge Wren. Each of us can be the for others especially during times of high and .…
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