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How do I control who can access my leads on Facebook? | Facebook Ads Help Center
If you enable the lead access feature and then use apps to collect leads, you will need to explicitly add permission for each new app or else you will not get any leads. Learn how below.
Archive  2019  at  04:41pm  how  do  i  control  who  can  you  will  need  to  explicit 
6 days ago by fraz87
Do I need to take marketing classes or can I just learn online? | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
“You’ve inspired me to pursue a career in marketing. I’m looking into completing university marketing classes to give me a foundation. Do you think it’s worth it? Can I get enough understanding from your books and blog posts or would you recommend taking a course?”
do  i  need  to  take  marketi 
6 days ago by marshallk

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