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John Blanchette: Baylor’s Rem Bakamus, John Jakus know their dancing partner far too well ahead of Gonzaga showdown
At the edge of a merry Baylor locker room after the Bears bounced Syracuse from the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, John Jakus pinned himself against a wall and weighed Fate’s idea of the perfect martini.
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14 hours ago by axodys
North Carolina earns No. 1 seed behind Godly seniors Cameron Johnson, Luke Maye, Kenny Williams - Sports Spectrum
Christian article (with videos) about North Carolina seniors Cameron Johnson, Luke Maye, and Kenny Williams and their faith and basketball. Also includes assistant coach Hubert Davis.
North_Carolina  NCAA  Christians_in_Sports  Johnson_Cameron  Maye_Luke  Williams_Kenny  Davis_Hubert  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
2 days ago by milligan00
Phil Martelli has been fired from St. Joseph’s, but his legacy will never die | Mike Jensen
Martelli did the impossible on Hawk Hill. He made the United States of America know about St. Joe’s basketball.
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3 days ago by axodys
The honored its own metrics in the breach when it excluded .
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Here is what’s wrong with the way the treats student-athletes:

If you pretend to be a college athlete, you c…
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