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Table for two by mistress slytherin
"Harry comes to a crucial decision, set in a world ruled by Voldemort"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  nc-17 
18 hours ago by Laria_Gwyn
and my glory shall be love by lake / beyond_belief
"There is little that Agent Mike Wynn takes more seriously than the life of Vice President Nate Fick. When the number of death threats starts to climb, he calls in the one person he's sure he can trust, USMC Sgt. Brad Colbert, and assigns him the 24/7 task of being the Vice President's shadow."
fandom:generationkill  generationkill:AU  brad/nate  nc-17  unread 
4 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
To shame the devil by kalliste
"It’s not like Nate’s never been picked up in a bar before, but he doesn’t ever remember it going quite like this.

In his experience, gorgeous, stacked, and insanely tall blondes who look like they should be gracing the cover of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue don’t generally saunter into grimy Cambridge dives populated by obnoxious Harvard grad students, walk straight up to his booth, plunk themselves down next to him without so much as a by-your-leave, and open with “I certainly hope that you’re not drinking Coors Lite or some similar lowbrow swill, or else I will have lost all faith in the pretentiousness of the dicksuck Ivy League communist elite of this country.”"
fandom:generationkill  generationkill:AU  brad/nate  genderswap  nc-17  unread 
4 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Our magic knows no bounds by pinkglittermasturbation
"Narcissa Malfoy is done with crazy, and she is determined to fix the mess her life has become. She has brains, a plan, and more than one dark spell to help her. But before she can put her plan into motion, she discovers a shocking secret about Hermione Granger, one that the girl doesn't even realize about herself. Before Hermione knows it, Narcissa has cursed them both, sending them back in time to deal with the Dark Lord in the form of the child Tom Riddle. Of course, Tom is no ordinary child, and time doesn't take kindly to being rewritten, so this will be a bumpy ride full of awesome, magical women, pragmatic decisions, and, rest assured, dear readers, plenty of sex eventually!"

updated 5/19/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  hermione/tom  wip  nc-17  unread 
4 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
yourstruly_commandershepard: Mass Effect: Inquisition
Commander Shepard is the Inquisitor they needed, not the savior they asked for. (52)
masseffect  da:i  p:femshep/solas  nc-17  angst  dark/horror  wc:100k>  au:crossover/fusion 
6 days ago by spellczech
Margin of error by weialala
"Kakashi is the very worst candidate in the history of politics, which means Naruto has no choice but to yield to his latent alcoholism and get hammered. The last time he had gotten this drunk, he had been in college, and after that highly entertaining episode, he had vowed never to get drunk again because so help him, he had a career to think about.

Said career is in the crapper because Hatake Kakashi, God help the man, is ten pounds of stupid in a five pound bag."

updated 5/10/19
fandom:naruto  naruto:au  naruto/sasuke  nc-17  wip  unread 
7 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Peter/Shuri/MJ: i want to (be someone else or i'll explode) - notcaycepollard - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
(They are presumably all teens in this, heads up) “This is kind of weird,” Peter says, letting Shuri tuck his hair under the wig. “Isn’t this kind of weird?”

“What’s weird?” Michelle asks, and Peter’s not really sure how to articulate any of this—the makeup, the hair, where all of it is going or not going—so he just shrugs, lets it happen. MJ and Shuri confer over arranging the wig, whether he’s got enough makeup on, and then MJ’s picking up a glossy red lipstick, raising her eyebrows at Shuri like she’s asking her opinion.

“Yes,” Shuri says. “Absolutely.”

This is the point at which Peter should say something, if he was gonna say something, but he just opens his mouth, lets MJ grab him by the jaw and angle his chin up so she can brush the sticky gloss over his mouth. Peter licks his lips, presses them together. Looks up at the both of them.
fic  nc-17  threesome  marvel  blackpanther  spiderman 
10 days ago by bobrhyn
The mirror of eidrokcuf
"Harry never imagined that he'd find himself cooperating with Voldemort, but that was before the two of them were locked in a room without their magic and ordered to have sex by a very angry mirror."

should be cracky (REALLY cracky) and kinda is at points but less cracky than expected? quite fun actually
updated 5/6/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  nc-17  wip 
14 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Of creatures and their mating habits by kurofu
"After a full night of stress-inducing, mornonic, incapable Death Eaters, Voldemort returns to his rooms. Only to find a very nice surprise waiting for him."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  nc-17 
15 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
A Christmas happenstance by only_1_truth
"The Hogwarts School for the Gifted and Supernatural had classes year-round, but the dormitories emptied out regularly on holidays as if the students were suddenly becoming allergic to the walls. Both humans and non-humans mingled freely in the surrounding town of Hogsmeade. Draco Malfoy, however, isn't feeling in the mood after a rather spectacular break-up. That is, until a certain classmate steps out of the elevator onto his floor, looking well-fucked... and ready for another round."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  draco/harry  nc-17 
17 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Before the storm by ars_matron
"“Go.” She said, not quite yelling but suddenly intense as she herded Harry back, away from the pillar and towards the tracks. “Go now, boy, or you’ll miss your train!”

He looked behind his shoulder, there was a train....he hadn’t heard it approach. The doors were open and waiting, and for no good reason at all, he stepped inside. The strange little woman didn’t follow him on, she simply stood there watching him. that same incomprehensible smile on her face.

“Which path will you choose?” She asked again, just before the doors closed, replacing his view of her with his own, pale reflection.

Sirius was gone, and Harry's world was crumbling through his fingers. All he wanted was a little peace, just a moment to himself.

Maybe it was a wish come true.

Maybe it was just the machinations of a strange little witch and her enchanted locket.

When Harry found himself, now fifty years in the past, on his birthday he doesn't question it too much.

He just take the opportunities set before him."

updated 4/5/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  nc-17  wip 
17 days ago by Laria_Gwyn

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