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A Soap Label To Save The World From Future Hitlers – The Establishment
In America, he dropped the “Heil” from his last name and became a successful consultant for American cosmetic companies. He fell in love, got married and had three children. But his life came screeching to a halt with a postcard in his father’s largely censored scrawl: “You were right.”

Another 72-year-old man was planning his suicide in his bathroom when he, “started reading your label and it instantly brought purpose to my life, for this, I cannot thank you enough.”
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, & wollten es verhindern. Das in knickte ein & sagte unser Konzert, das in der Re…
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Ca 200 , darunter , sind in üringer Gruppe organisiert & diskutieren, Hermsdorfer Kreuz lahmzu…
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Cottbus – Ein Feature über Gewalt in einer überforderten Stadt
In Brandenburg ist die Gefahr am größten, Opfer eines Neonazi-Angriffs zu werden. Und in Cottbus, der 100.000 Einwohner-Stadt in der Lausitz, warnt der Bürgermeister bereits vor der Entstehung rechtsfreier Räume. Seit Monaten gibt es fremdenfeindliche Proteste und Übergriffe von Neonazis, aber auch Angriffe von Flüchtlingen auf Bewohner. 4.300 Geflüchtete leben in der Stadt, in der die AfD bei der Bundestagswahl die meisten Zweitstimmen geholt hat. Cottbus ist berüchtigt für ein hochgradig fremdenfeindliches Milieu. Der Verein "Opferperspektive" sieht in der Universitätsstadt bereits eine "Atmosphäre allgegenwärtiger Bedrohung" - die militante rechte Szene versuche, "den öffentlichen Raum zu dominieren".


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SWR2 Forum: Der Streit um die rechte Gesinnung: Sind wir nicht mehr diskursfähig?
Es diskutieren: Dr. Liane Bednarz - Autorin, Hamburg, Jens Jessen - Redakteur der Wochenzeitung "Die Zeit", Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Werner Patzel - Politikwissenschaftler, Technische Universität Dresden Gesprächsleitung: Claus Heinrich


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Dutch Nazi Era Conditions
The third factor was the gradual nature of the implementation of the anti-Jewish measures, which lulled Jew and non-Jew alike into believing that despite the difficulties and inconveniences, things weren't that bad, and the Germans' demands could be accommodated. The common feeling was that the Germans would certainly lose the war and it was just a matter of waiting out the interim as best as possible. With this in mind, a great many Dutch Jews willingly reported to the trains, which they believed would take them to work camps where they would labor for the Reich.

German government is authorized to confiscate all Jewish property except for wedding rings and gold teeth.
15 days ago by craniac
How Steve Bannon's far-right 'Movement' stalled in Europe
„Rightwing populists are on the rise across Europe. With European parliamentary elections approaching, they are being offered help from Donald Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Over the last four months, the Guardian's Paul Lewis followed his operation in Brussels, Rome and Venice – challenging Bannon over his media hype and the legality of his intervention.“

Steve Bannon’s political operation to help rightwing populists triumph in next year’s European parliamentary elections is in disarray after he conceded that his campaign efforts could be illegal in most of the countries in which he planned to intervene.

The former chief strategist to Donald Trump has spent months trying to recruit European parties to his Brussels-based group, the Movement, which he promised would operate as kind of a political consultancy for like-minded parties campaigning in the bloc-wide vote in May 2019.

But the Guardian has established that Bannon would be barred or prevented from doing any meaningful work in nine of the 13 countries in which he is seeking to campaign, according to national electoral bodies and relevant ministries. Confronted with the findings, Bannon acknowledged he was taking legal advice on the matter.

“I’m not totally disagreeing with you,” he told the Guardian in Paris. “I think there is more flexibility in some areas. But there’s no chance we would ever break the law.”

Further disclosures about Bannon’s operation to foment a Trump-style populist insurgency in Europe are revealed in [the] Guardian documentary [above].
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