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General Electric to scrap California power plant 20 years early - Reuters
"GE is selling the California power plant site to a company that makes battery storage, which is increasingly used to make wind and solar power available when needed, replacing the need for some fossil fuel plants."
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Opinion: Quebec feels Alberta’s pain, so why keep blocking pipelines? | Calgary Herald
Last year, Hydro-Quebec generated nearly $15 billion by selling more than 200 TWh of electricity. Despite these high sales, Quebec produces “too much” energy and Hydro-Quebec must regularly let water flow away without generating electricity, resulting in millions of dollars of lost revenue.
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MI: RRA Regulatory Focus: US gas industry targets methane emissions as eyes narrow on ESG
The initiative, which is working with M.J. Bradley and Associates to develop its criteria, also aims to establish a standardized method for participating companies to calculate methane emissions intensity, which is a measure of methane emissions relative to some measure of output.

Once that standard is set, those company-level calculations of methane emissions intensity are likely to be incorporated into future versions of the AGA's recently developed ESG template for investors. Speaking at the Financial Forum, Pam Lacey, the AGA's chief regulatory counsel, said 19 of the association's more than 200 member companies are participating with the template, version one of which was released in August 2018, accounting for about 40% of the natural gas delivered by all AGA members. The template incorporates methane emissions leaks from member companies as reported to the U.S. EPA.
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Alberta has paid landowners $20M since 2010 as oilpatch defaults on payments | CBC News
"Kirstein now faces three challenges. He may not receive another payment again, even though the gas wells are still on his land. His local municipality is raising taxes because too many energy companies in the area are not paying their property taxes. His property value may also fall without the revenue from the wells."
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Here's how a 100% renewable energy future can create jobs and even save the gas industry
Teske et al: Here's how a 100% renewable energy future can create jobs and even save the gas industry
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