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Welcome to Native Land. This is a resource for North Americans (and others) to find out more about local Indigenous territories and languages.
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19 hours ago by atran
North Dakota voter suppression
More details on the Republican plan to prevent Native Americans from voting
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2 days ago by nelson
Working with Multiple Versions of Xcode – Geoff Hackworth – Medium
sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/
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4 days ago by stevo
[121]React Native: 웹 개발자가 한 달 만에 앱 출시하기
SNOW 개발자가 케이크 앱을 React Native로 개발

개발자가 굉장히 저사양폰 샤오미로 개발중
deview2018  react  react-native  jsc  javascript  native  npm  typescript 
5 days ago by ncrash
The Art of DevOps Communication, at Scale and On-Call
"One of the important aspects of DevOps is breaking down barriers and providing cross-functional training so everyone feels an equal responsibility for code that’s being released. For most DevOps teams, that means streamlining incident response and instituting all-hands-on-deck on-call rotations. Because when you are trying to create a world of always-on continuous delivery and integration, you need people willing to work increased uptime, any time of day or night."
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8 days ago by jonerp

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