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What Comes Next After Microservices, Kubernetes, and Serverless
"The premise behind AIOps is that by using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can build tools that fully automate much of the work traditionally done by IT Ops teams. Instead of relying on human engineers to figure out why a cloud native application service has slowed down, for example, or to pinpoint the root cause of a complex system failure, AIOps tools can use data to interpret the problem, then fix it automatically."
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6 hours ago by jonerp
Native British Wild Flower Bulbs In the Green
Native British Wild Flower Bulbs In the Green Home Contact & About Us Delivery, T&Cs Plug Plants Plant Collections Seed Packets Seed Collections Meadow Mixtures…
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yesterday by asaltydog
Wild Daffodils in the green (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) Dispatached From January 2019 | UK Delivery | Naturescape
Wild Daffodils in the green (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) Dispatached From January 2019 | UK Delivery | Naturescape Delivery Information Terms & Conditions Guides…
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yesterday by asaltydog
rduplain/hello-cljs: Hello, world! Native Clojure with ClojureScript and Node.js.
Hello, world! Native Clojure with ClojureScript and Node.js. - rduplain/hello-cljs
native  clojurescript  node.js 
8 days ago by mac

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