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Pixar Short
story of kitten and pitbull who become friends and escape
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yesterday by jenorr
(PDF) Curating Simulated Storyworlds
So, how can the pain of emergent narrative be alleviated while simultaneously maintaining the pleasure? This dissertation introduces a refined approach to the form, called curationist emergent narrative (or just curationism), that aims to provide an answer to this question. Instead of treating the raw material of simulation as a story, in curationism that material is curated to construct an actual narrative artifact that is then mounted in a full-fledged media experience (to enable human encounter with the artifact). This recasts story generation as an act of recounting, rather than invention. I believe that curationism can also explain how both wild successes and phenomenal failures have entered the oeuvre of emergent narrative: in successful works, humans have taken on the burden of curating an ongoing simulation to construct a storied understanding of what has happened, while in the failures humans have not been willing to do the necessary curation. Without curation, actual stories cannot obtain in emergent narrative. But what if a storyworld could curate itself? That is, can we build systems that automatically recount what has happened in simulated worlds? In the second half of this dissertation, I provide an autoethnography and a collection of case studies that recount my own personal (and collaborative) exploration of automatic curation over the course of the last six years.
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6 days ago by mildlydiverting
Setting the Table
A brief visual history of the periodic table
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6 days ago by stacker
How AI will change storytelling and become the next great art form
In the latest chapter, “Whispers In The Night,” viewers can interact with a Lucy who responds and reacts to them as if you’re really in the room with her. This chapter just debuted at Sundance, but Fable says the work will be available in the Oculus Store once all three chapters are completed.

The idea here is that, as a virtual being, Lucy can share her memories with you, discuss them with you, and interact with you in real-time. She’ll even be able to remember what you’ve said to and done with her the next time she sees you.

In one way, you’ll be able to visit her in her own world. She’s a virtual person in a virtual land: you’ll use a headset to see her and your voice and hands to interact with her.
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10 days ago by paulbradshaw
Schedule | GDC 2019 | The Narrative Innovation Showcase 2019
"In five short-format talks, leading innovators in game narrative will share stories behind their innovative creations: the ambitions they had, the challenges they faced, the solutions they invented. Each speaker will reveal in detail the experimental techniques they developed to mark new advances in narrative design, dissecting particular problems and revealing the strategies they deployed to tackle them." - ooooh
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15 days ago by danhon
" is a place to learn more about the art of storytelling and share the web’s best digital stories. "
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15 days ago by tristanf
Emergent Ventures | Mercatus Center
Emergent Ventures, a new fellowship and grant program from the Mercatus Center, seeks to support entrepreneurs and brilliant minds with highly scalable, “zero to one” ideas for meaningfully improving society.
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18 days ago by seantaylor
Do Pictures Tell a Different Story? A multimodal frame analysis of the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict: Journalism Practice: Vol 13, No 2
Pictures play an ever-increasing role in the public’s understanding of mediated events. However, many studies show that visuals remain an understudied field, especially when it comes to multimodal approaches. This remains an important issue in today’s media environment, where visuals and their interaction with textual contents are becoming increasingly important carriers of meaning. The following paper presents results from a multimodal quantitative content analysis of the online coverage of the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, wherein an innovative comparative approach to visual and textual frames was applied. We examine the existing frames, identify patterns of visual and textual frame co-occurrence and describe changes of the applied multimodal framing. Overall, a sample of 150 texts and 219 pictures was coded. The study shows that the applied visual and textual frames initially correspond with each other thematically. During the course of the conflict, however, the provided textual and visual framing divert increasingly. While the textual mode more or less upholds its original framing of the events, the visual level intensifies the framing strategy it has adopted since the escalation of the conflict began. As a result, textual coverage focuses more on negotiations and solutions, whereas images become increasingly graphic.
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20 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Tabloid Myths of Jennifer Aniston and Donald Trump - The New York Times
Driving the belief in political conspiracy theories and celebrity pregnancies alike is “a desire to have the truth fit” the heart’s desires, said Renée Ann Cramer, a professor of law, politics and society at Drake University in Iowa. “They want it to be true,” she said.
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22 days ago by gwendolenau

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