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Nameboy is the oldest and most popular domain name generator in the market. You can use it to find the best business domain name ideas instantly!
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yesterday by tturchi
How to Name a Baby - Wait But Why
Really interesting research into baby naming trends.
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3 days ago by mcherm
How to Create a Great Product or Company Name: Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich
A Karl Ulrich (Wharton prof) page explaining how to create great names for companies and products. Shows-off Lingzini (a free iOS app for name creation) and an approach to developing names.
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4 days ago by jeromekatz
With its simple three-step solution, Lingzini is a free iOS app that helps you efficiently create names for your products, brands, and organizations. Using Lingzini, you can organize your word chunks, add new affixes, and combine them in unique ways. The end result is a brand name, product name, or a domain name.
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4 days ago by jeromekatz
Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich
Great resources for design-driven entrepreneurship courses: Digital Tools For Design, (2)
How Parts Are Made (3) Commercializing A New Product As A Solo Inventor (4) How To Create A Great Product Or Company Name (5) Allocating Equity In New Ventures (6) Cost Rules Video Instructions (7) TA Instructions For Running In Class Tournaments (8) Recommended tool kit for Product Design course (9)Prototyping Resources
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4 days ago by jeromekatz
Down with the type-cult!
This paper, from 1929, is quite stupid since it sets up a straw man - it misses and misstates the purpose of types. But as a study of the psychology of taxonomists (and more generally: humans and the social dynamics of naming systems), I find it to be pretty interesting.

Psyche 36:228 - 36-228.pdf
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10 days ago by jar
How-To Create an Amazing Brand Name - Clicked Studios
Advice on types of names and the purposes for brand names.
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12 days ago by jeromekatz
drug class information

drug class information

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13 days ago by michaelfox
Why I use the BEM naming convention for my CSS - YouTube
a geezer explains about his bem and why you should use it or at least some kind of naming convention.
He says OK css nesting on small sites. On big sites will lead to problems.
You end putting classes (sometimes several) on every element in the html.
bem ties in well with sass - both use the double underscore.
webdesign  web  design  css  bem  naming  convention  block  element  modifier  sass  class 
14 days ago by piperh
Naming guidelines for professional programmers
Programmers generally acknowledge the difficulty of naming things, whatever their experience level and wherever they work, but relatively few use explicit naming guidelines. Various authors have published different kinds of identifier naming guidelines, but these guidelines do little to make naming easier, in practice, due to their formulation. Meanwhile, professional programmers follow diverse conventions and disagree about key aspects of naming, such as acceptable name lengths. Tnese teams lack consistent standards.

Few teams write their own coding standards, let alone naming guidelines, but many teams use code review and pair programming to maintain code quality. We believe that these teams could use third-party naming guidelines to inform these reviews, and improve their coding style.

This paper examines various sources of naming guidelines, and reflects on them, in the context of the first author’s twenty years’ experience as a professional programmer. This paper then presents a consolidated set of naming guidelines that professional programmers can apply to the code they write.
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20 days ago by DennisLaumen

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