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The Swan Princess / Characters - TV Tropes
 "Odette" is of French and Old German origin, and its meaning is "wealth". Fitting for someone who's a princess.
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WeRelate:Variant names project - Genealogy
The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive database of name variants that should be searched whenever a particular name is searched. via Pocket
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Why Do Some Hate the Nickname ‘Frisco’? | Bay Curious | News Fix | KQED News
"Working on this story one day, I grabbed a Lyft and got to talking with the driver, a guy named Lorenzo Beasley.

“I grew up on the bottom of the city, a small neighborhood called Visitacion Valley,” Beasley says. “I think more of the urban community, like blacks or Hispanics in the city, those people always grew up using that word.”

Beasley says you hear it in Hunters Point, Lakeview, the Fillmore, Potrero Hill and especially the Mission.

I asked him who doesn’t like Frisco.

“It’s like a higher class of people, I guess,” Beasley says. “People who stay in Nob Hill and stuff. They look at it like slang, so they’re not really with it. It’s definitely a bit of snob thing involved.”

For Beasley, whether you use Frisco says what neighborhood you’re from.

Stanford linguist Teresa Pratt echoes that. She says that when you’re talking about language and word choice, like nicknames, you’re virtually always talking about money and power.

“Institutions or people who have power have an interest in maintaining that the way they speak is the right way to speak,” Pratt says. “Because it helps them. Because it’s coupled with this ideology that’s really widespread, that there’s a right way to speak, that there’s a way to speak that gets you ahead.”

Pratt says word choice is like a signal.

“Language as cultural capital, right?” she says. “It’s something like knowing exactly where to put your forks at the end of a meal.”"

"The famous Herb Caen eventually flip-flopped on Frisco a couple of times in the 1990s. It turns out we’ve built our anti-Frisco bias on some shaky ground."
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Neuroscience‐based Nomenclature: What is it, why is it needed, and what comes next? - Uchida - 2018 - Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences - Wiley Online Library
> The Neuroscience‐based Nomenclature (NbN) provides a pharmacologically driven nomenclature focusing on pharmacology and mode of action, which mirrors current knowledge and understanding of the targeted neurotransmitters, molecules, systems being modified, and mechanisms of action.3 For example, olanzapine is called a ‘D2, 5‐HT2 receptor antagonist.’ Mirtazapine is not an ‘NaSSA,’ but a ‘norepinephrine α2, 5‐HT2, 5‐HT3 receptor antagonist.’
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Ontologie historischer, deutschsprachiger Berufs- und Amtsbezeichnungen
Berufsbezeichnungen sind eine der häufigsten Angaben von individualspezifischen Quellen. Besonders in den Sozial- und Politikwissenschaften, den Geisteswissenschaften und einigen naturwissenschaftlichen Disziplinen (Sozialtopografie, Medizin, Arbeitsmedizin, Epidemiologie etc.) bieten Berufsbezeichnungen daher einen wichtigen Bezugspunkt sozialstruktureller Analysen. Dazu kommen verschiedene Formen von Berufsklassifikationen zum Einsatz. Sie lassen sich ganz allgemein in drei große Schemata einteilen. Es werden Modelle verwendet, die

(a) Tätigkeitsprofile und Branchen systematisieren, die
(b) Anforderungsniveaus, Bildungs- und Qualifikationsaspekte charakterisieren oder
(c) soziales Prestige und Sozialstrukturen messen (vgl. FDZ Metadatenportal-Klassifikationen 2016).
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