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Full house at as we set out to discuss the state of digital rights in over the nexr 2 days.…
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RT : Le Canada est vivement préoccupé par la décision du tribunal au , rendue aujourd’hui, de maintenir le verdi…
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RT : Thousands more people displaced by violence in , - media advisory 👇
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Would it be ethical for the U.N. refugee agency to send Rohingya back to Myanmar? - The Washington Post
UNHCR faces an ethical dilemma that my research has identified and attempted to resolve. I call it the Consent Dilemma: On the one hand, if UNHCR helps refugees repatriate, many will return who have no reasonable alternative, and so perhaps their choices are involuntary. If UNHCR has failed to obtain refugees’ voluntary consent, it may be acting unethically in helping them return. On the other hand, if UNHCR is fairly certain refugees will remain detained and destitute in Bangladesh, helping with return may seem the best option.
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The London team gathered today to support our colleagues who have been in a prison for a year for…
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