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Top 10 piano sonatas |
From Mozart to Prokofiev, here's a beginner's guide to 10 of the greatest piano sonatas ever written
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1 hour ago by martantt
Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Greg Kurstin |
Yes, the jazz influence does seem very far away,” he chuckles. "But I really have to credit jazz music for helping me with songwriting and hearing unusual chord progressions and melodies, and for writing really quickly. In jazz you improvise so much, it's like you're composing on the spot. So when it came to writing songs with Lily, for instance, it was really helpful to be instantly able to hear where things needed to go. My jazz experience helps me to immediately play what I hear in my head, so while I'm in the verse, I may be wondering where to go with the chorus and hear something that's not necessarily in the same key. It's funny, I have always been going back and forth between jazz and pop, and I love building these tracks, even though my production approach does not relate at all to the kind of jazz I play.”
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3 hours ago by JohnDrake
Feist - 1234 - YouTube
I had a tune for this on the OP1 once which I accidentally overwrote :/

It was gonna be called Knostalgia.
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3 hours ago by ssam
Paul McCartney’s Producer Greg Kurstin Breaks Down ‘Egypt Station’ – Rolling Stone
Before you began recording, did you guys talk about the sort of sound you wanted to achieve on the album?
Yeah. He would mention the variety that Beatles records had and he wanted to bring in different moods, different ideas. There are some songs that just rock and there’s some that are more acoustic and there’s a Brazilian-influenced one and just so many different kind of things. Sonically, he wanted to avoid anything ordinary. He wanted to experiment. Take a song like “Hunt” or “Hunt You Down” – I’m not sure of the exact title he ended up using. He’d say, “Let’s pull out the guitars. A guitar is too obvious here. Let’s have a cello doing that.”
He loved to pull everything out and try to be minimal. Sometimes we did have a lot of things going on, but other times we’d strip it way down and say, “Let’s just have drums and one orchestral instrument. Let’s have bass clarinet playing what would normally be a guitar part.” He really wanted to push the arrangement in unusual ways. I was very supportive of that. It’s easy to flip into the usual, “Here’s the band playing the song in a very typical way.” But he wanted to push the boundaries.

He’s able to make something fresh, but it also sounds familiar. It doesn’t sound odd or unusual because he pulls it together with his nursery-rhyme melody that makes it very familiar. I’m impressed how he’s still going forward and he’s not phoning it in. He’s really putting love and care into every song. And then I love that he really wanted to be modern and current, but in his way and not in a way that’s very typical. He brought in all of these orchestral instruments, like harpsichords and harmoniums and stuff that’s sitting in his studio at home. These are very unusual instruments that are very him. I was just amazed that after all this time he’s really continuing to push the boundaries.
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3 hours ago by JohnDrake
Greg Kurstin talks barbecuing with Dave Grohl, teaming with Paul McCartney
“My job was to bring my influence and get in there with the lush harmonies and bring some freaky sounds on top of what they were doing,” he says. “I had effects and space echoes!”
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3 hours ago by JohnDrake
Fiercely dreamed › Unidentified
Summary: Fourteen years, eight months, and seven days after John and Rodney meet, the clock starts all over again. Inspired by the documentary Unknown White Male. [SGA AU, McKay/Sheppard.]
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7 hours ago by miss_speller
Fiercely dreamed › Coda
Summary: In music: a more or less independent passage, at the end of a composition, introduced to bring it to a satisfactory close. Set a year and a half after the end of Unidentified. [SGA AU, McKay/Sheppard.]
au  music  memory-loss  f:sga  p:rodney/john  friendship  est  coda 
7 hours ago by miss_speller

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