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Walking in front of a Craig Ward mural in Shoreditch. .
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11 days ago by ianjindal
RT : I created a time-lapse video of my most recent giant in ! Watch me paint super fast! music by RADIO…
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5 weeks ago by roens
New mural is a timeline of South Berkeley, from the Ohlone to the present day — Berkeleyside
Berkeley’s newest mural — a three-year collaboration among professional artists, city residents and the Berkeley Drop in Center overseen by muralist extraordinaire Edythe Boone — was unveiled on Saturday. “The Invisible Becomes Visible,” a timeline of South Berkeley from the days of the Ohlone to the present, stretches 100 feet, covering a boarded fence on the south side of Ashby Avenue between Harper and Ellis streets.
mural  Berkeley 
9 weeks ago by Quercki

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